Chapter Sixteen

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After what felt like hours Fleur lets go of me, allowing me to look up at her, she smiles down at me kissing me on the cheek. Her lips are soft, they leave a lingering tingly trail, which has my heart beating faster. She smiles down at me sending me a wink before pulling. Me out of the classroom. At this moment a girl with big brown eyes and curly long hair comers bouncing up to the both of us. I let go of fleurs hand scared that it might be her new girlfriend or whatever. But the girl has a huge cheesy grin on her chest and does the unexpected, she hugs me tightly, all the while giggling.

"Oh my god you are so pretty!" She squeals.

"Scarlet your scaring her." Fleur growls tugging her away from me.

"Awuh come on at least let me hug her." She whines.

"No" Fleur  growls.

I look over at her, I catch sight of her eyes seem to turn all black, like even the whites of her eyes. Scarlet steps back and pouts before huffing  and leaning against the locker.

"Baby!" I hear her before my vision is blurred as Fleur is attacked.

I'm a little startled and frightened stepping away from Fleur and a big blonde ball of energy that seems to be attacking her face.

Scarlet is ok the opposite side, she looks disgusted. She sees me looking and grabs my hand and tugging me towards the exit when I feel myself being pulled into warm muscular arms. The rumbling noise vibrates through my body, this with the matching alluring scent I know it's Fleur. But seeing as she has a girlfriend I try to remover her hands, but she only grips me harder.

"Stop. Moving."

I huff.

She's so demanding but scarlet just sends me a smile before flouncing away, the blonde follows after her, shooting me a glare. Only after seeing as everyone's far away does Fleur let me go, but still she harsher hand wrapped around my wrist and is pulling me out into the parking lot.

"Fleur you can let go now I'm fine." I say digging me feet into the ground.

"But you walked her correct?"

"Yeah so?"

"Like hell in letting you walk home. Get in." She says.

So I follow her to her black Lamborghini, trying to stop the fluttering that has started up in my chest again ever since Fleur had held me. Oh who am I kidding                  my  chest  was always, always filled with butterflies whenever she was around, but now was the time that I acknowledged it after the long weeks of us not talking to each other.

I slipped into the front passenger seat  only to scream a when scarlet was leaning over my dead grinning.

"Holy hell girl! You've got a set of pipes on ya" she says clutching at hers.

"S-sorry it's just you scared the shut out if me."

"It's alright, just warn a girl alright?" she says shooting me a teasing glare.

I nod allowing myself to smile just a little bit.

Scarlet moves to say something else, be Fleur is now in the car and slams the door, making her shut her mouth before revving the engine and taking me home.
When we appear at my house ten minutes later the car is filled with silence, only the low buzz of the radio can be heard. As I step out and start to want goodbye scarlet looks at Fleur before Fleur calls my name.


"Come to the club with me tonight" she asks.

I was about to say no, but I had nothing better to do so I smiles and nod. And after getting the information of what time to be ready, do I walk inside.

• • •

Ad the clock moves closer and closer to the time I'm supposed to be picked up I can't help but get more and more excited. I start out in the shower cleaning myself and my hair before standing in front of my closet and deciding what to wear. Feeling adventurous and even a bit sexy, I decide on an all white kind of theme. With a white lacy crop top and matching skater skirt, I top the outfit off with nude high heeled shoes. Satisfied with this look, I lay it out in the bed, before starting to make myself look presentable.

After parting my hair down the middle, and allowing it to dry, liking the natural wavy hair I start in on my make up. After putting some foundation ok lightly, I do a natural glow for my eyelids with slight winged eyeliner, before putting on a dark red lipstick. With this I put my outfit on and the heels. I check myself out in the mirror. I love the way I look not minding how much of my legs I'm showing off, I like how well my breasts fill out this too.

I hope that Fleur takes a double take after  seeing me. I hope so at least but when I remember the blonde I slightly deflate doubting myself and if she'd like the way I look. But before I can change and take off my make up and change into something more conservative, I hear the honking of a certain car horn.

Groaning i rush down the stairs, ok a little surpriSed seeing an matte black Range Rover in my driveway. I lock up the house before making my way to the car.
Fleur has gotten out of the car and is leaning up against it. She's looking down at her phone, but hearing my clack of heels she glances up, before she's just staring.

I bite down on my lower lip suddenly very nervous.

"Fuck" I hear her groan.

I send her a questioning look but she just bites her lips and pulls me into a tight body hug. She's pressed against me everywhere, her warm breath is a constant on my neck, and my breathing is becoming irregular as she inhales.

"God you look amazing" she whispers.

I'm speechless.

She's looking at me with lust but, something else, like something very heated and warm. I bite on my inner cheek the look she's giving me has my stomach turning and pussy pulsing.

"Let's go!"

Scarlet shrieks out the window breaking a very lust filled tension.

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