Chapter Eighteen

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I stated at her mouth hanging open.

"You want me to dance?"

"Yes kitten I want you to dance, just like you were on the dance floor." She whispers.

"But there isn't any music" I whisper

Fleur leans over making it to my nightstand and sticks her phone in my stereo before picking some pandora station before looking back at me as the music starts.

Biting my lip I look at her nervous, but she arches her eyebrow and sends a kiss to me, as if saying anytime now princess.
Rolling my eyes, I close them I let the music take over, moving my hips to the beat, slowly grinding before pushing my hands into my hair, I open my eyes slightly watching fluer watch me. I turn so that my back is to her. Slowly dropping down low running my hands along my bare thighs before moving up.

Hearing a sigh I feel Fleur flip the song to something even slower. Arching my back I bend down and wiggling  my butt  before looking over my shoulder and winking at her. She growls and next thing I know I'm pressed up against my wall facing Fleur as she breathes me in.

I'm breathing heavily but continue to move my body, Fleur lets out an appreciative groan before lifting me up by my hips, and wrapping my legs around her. I place my fingers at the base of her skull. Looking into her eyes I grind my core into her feeling a little relief before her lips attack my bare neck.

I moan before pulling away, feeling a sudden urge to finish this dance I pull away from her walking her back to my bed and pushing her down. She at first moves to grab me but I push on her shoulder.

"I'm going to dance for you. Stop interrupting." I growl

She looks shocked before buying her lip and raising an eyebrow. I send her a wink before going back to dancing running my hands into my hair. Biting down on my lip I start to run my hands Over my body as if flipping a switch in in fleur she's up against me again and I'm pinned to the wall.

I open my mouth to protest, but she swallows them kissing me deeply. I let out moan as she starts to massage my tongue with her own, her hands tracing small patterns again my bare skin. They make they're way down to my thighs and the back of my knees before she's
Hoisting me up. I wrap my legs around her this time knitting my hands into her hair and kissing her back. She growls oh in appreciation before moving us back to my bed.

Slowly she lays me down on my back before pulling herself up. She looks down at me with hooded eyes. My heart is hammering in my chest as I watch her,
She runs a hand through her hair tousling
It. I reach for her, needing her to be touching me but she quickly locks my hands up. Moving swiftly she has me at the top of my bed and is wrapping her belt around my wrists and locking them to the head board. Once she's done she continues to stare at me, before crawling down the bed to my neck. She doesn't allow her lips to touch me. But i can feel her  warm breath on my sensitive skin. Creating a unfamiliar ache between my thighs.   She continues this slow torture, while her hands move up and down my bare shoulders before they loop into my straps and start to pull them down. While her hands do this her lips have made it to the valley of my breasts.

Through the thin fabric I can feel her hot breath, her teeth capture the zipper in the front before dragging it down, releasing my compressed breasts. I let out a small whine as quickly she gets rid of my crop top, while staring at my newly free and naked chest.  I try moving my hands to cover myself but the belt keeps me from doing so.

She looks at me appreciatively her eyes seem to glaze over with lust, her hands quickly move to my skirt and pulling it down. Leaving me in heels and my black lacy panties.

"Holy fuck" she groans.

Before slamming her lips onto my own. She's being rough as she bites down in my lower lip causing me to gasp, which then she precedes to stick her tongue in my mouth. Slowly she  starts to build up motion while rocking her hips with my own, though her thigh is right up against my core. I rub myself hard against her relishing in the friction, and delicious dance she's  created.

But just as I feel something in my body being built up she pulls away, yet again, deciding to explore and taste the rest of my body. Taking her time she slowly glides her hand up to my left breast as her lips tease my right. Her nose circles around my hardening bud before finally she wraps her lips around my taut painful nipple. Sucking on it while flicking my other Nicole in her hand I moan her name, struggling with the belt.

She continues to tease my breasts with her hands but those devious lips have gone back on the moving, leaving small bites on my stomach before kidding just below my belly button.

"No wait!" I squeak.

But fleur simply continues taking the edge of my panties in her teeth and tugging them down. I let out a small sigh as the air hits my newly bare skin. I watch as fleur lets out a growl moan.

"You're so fucking wet kitten" she hisses.

Feeling emboldened by her small show of lust I arch my back and spread my legs more.

"You get me like this just by looking at me."

"Kitten." She groans 

So I continue.

"Touch me please, please fleur."

"I shouldn't" she hisses moving up and unties the belt releasing my hands.

She looks at me almost as if in pain an takes a step back from my bed, feeling almost as if in about to break I do what I hope will make her come back.

I moan, moving my hand lower...

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