Chapter Nine: Chinese Food

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As Fleur and I ate some fiery dragon, one of the best Chinese places in town, I suddenly remember hearing something about her having a date.

"Oh my gosh Fleur what are you still doing here?" I cry.

Glancing at my watch I see that it's 8:30 and I feel like that might be a normal time that people go on dates. Hey I didn't know I've never been on one.

"What are you talking about princess" she asks arching her eyebrow.

She was so fucking good at that, I wish I could do that. But the image of my face with an eyebrow arch seemed highly less attractive on my face.

"You're date, why aren't you on a date right now" I ask.

I'm a little panicky, maybe she didn't realize and how she's never going to want to be around me. Thinking that I was this time sucking theif that made her forget what time things were at.

The ranting in my head stops when I feel a warm soft hand against my own. She was holding my hand and saying calming things to me as if she knew I was on the verge of a panic attack.

"Hey Ada baby, it's okay, I rescheduled" she says.

"But you didn't have to do that, I'm okay you should've gone, why are you here anyway?" I ask.

"I can't have my partner dying on me" She states.

I nod, wincing a bit at her blunt answer, and feeling a bit nauseated. She was only here because she wanted a good grade on her project. I didn't feel hungry anymore placing my food at the table beside my bed, I slowly sunk down into my blankets pulling them over my head. Ever since I was a child I had slept with my covers over my head otherwise I felt unsafe. At this moment it was so that I could hide my hurt expression.

I could feel her parting at my comforter before touching my shoulder, her heat again radiating through the thick blanket.

"Sweet heart" she whispers.

I ignore her I don't want to my voice to crack or break, or anything really as my voice is easily influenced by my emotions, something that I'd usually have under control through years of practice, but with her, everything just seemed to pour out.

"Baby, please I didn't mean it like that" she says.

I practically roll my eyes, but again she can't see me, and after I feel controlled do I push myself up and remove the comforter.

"Bullshit" I say.

Crossing my arms i glare at her.

However she seems a bit distracted as she's now sitting on my bed, her eyes are low, staring straight at my breasts. Looking down I can see that there pushed up showing off my cleavage. I hold in a smirk as I unfold my arms, slowly moving my hands up from my waist and just under my boobs. She slowly kicks her lips as I move to brush my thumbs over my nipples before I start to laugh.

At the sound of my voice her eyes shoot up, but I'm having too much fun giggling at her reaction. But as soon as I start laughing a wracking pain enters my body, and my laugh turns to moans of pain and for tears to start flowing down my face. It's a white hot burning searing pain, and it just won't stop.

"Fleur" I gasp in pain.

But she's already there holding my body, she says soothing things while patting my hair and wiping my forehead with a damp cool cloth. She tilts my head back trying to get me to take some pain killers, but I can't keep my mouth open clenching my jaw instead.

"I'm sorry baby I got you im right here I'm going to make the pain go away." She whispers.

Her soft lips caress my cheek, and even though I'm in pain I can't help but let out a soft moan. Her lips  against my skin is just too much, the electricity some how makes me forget the pain.

And suddenly those sinful lips are on mine, though a swish of water and what im sure is a pill is pushed into my mouth and down my throat.

I cough not liking the intrusion, when she starts to leave feather soft kisses on my forehead, wiping my sweat soaked hair out from my eyes.

"I got you baby the pain will go away now" she says as I fade into a deep slumber.

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