Chapter Nineteen: Unexpected Visitors

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Fleur is on top of me in an instant stopping me from touching myself, I smirk to myself thinking I've won. But instead her hands have wrapped around my wrists and hold them against my chest.

"No we can't, not like this." Fleur whispers.

I frown struggling a bit before she lets go, fleur is Rubbing her hands through her hair. While I feel like an idiot. A strong feeling of rejection courses Through me as I move quickly to cover myself, grabbing my discarded underwear, before realizing they're soiled so I move to my drawers. Grabbing a new pair before moving to find a t-shirt, I needed to cover myself up no longer feeling confident in my body.

"Ada stop." I hear fleur say but I'm too focused on getting myself clothed.

I'm pulling my shirt on when suddenly warm arms wrap around me, holding me still. At first I struggle, soon giving up as I wasn't able to move. I allow he to hold me, her face nuzzled into my neck, her breathing Seems to calm down as she Honda be longer. She moves us to my bed, still holding me. But allows me to rest my head on her chest.

"Fleur" I whisper.

"Yes kitten?" She asks humming.

One of her hands rubbing on my bare thigh in soothing circles. And though her touch continues to give me tingles, instead of sexual need, there's something else like a calming warm feeling that takes over my entire body.

"Will you tell me about yourself" I ask

"What do you want to know?"

"Anything you're willing to tell me about yourself."

"Well I have a very odd family, and live in what feels like a castle and I happen to enjoy your company. And I can't say that about many people so feel special." She whiskers before kissing my nose.

I do feel special, especially since she's holding me in her arms, instead of going out with some bimbo.

"Why do you call me kitten?"

"Because as adorable as you are, you can also be feisty, letting your claws come out. I think it's pretty sexy." Her voice rasps.

I blush pushing my face farther into her chest as she chuckled. She starts running her hands through my hair abc humming a foreign melody. Causing me to grow even more tired. But I'm very much content to be laying in her arms.

~ ~ ~

"Honey wake up " I hear a very raspy voice say.

Opening my eyes, which is slightly hard and takes s bit of an effort, but is totally worth it seeing fleurs plump lips starting to say my name.

"Good morning sweet cheeks" I giggle as she frowns at me.

"What the fuck?" She whispers arching sn eyebrow.

"You're right, peaches I guess I need to up my game for your new pet name." I giggle.

Slipping out of her arms and bed, I look at her sprawled out, completely adorable. But then I hear a slamming of a door and am quick to jump back in bed wrapping my arms and legs around fleurs body. Her body is a little tense, but she seems a bit relaxed as she wraps her arms around me holding me closer.

We hear loud footsteps coming up the stairs and the sound of something hitting against the stairs, as if something, or someone is being dragged.

My heart races as my door is pushed open, and I scream in fright, hearing the heavy breathing I bury my face into fleurs neck, wishing that I was alone so that at least she wouldn't be hurt. The moment j scream Fleur is standing up, my back is pressed to me wall as she crouches in front of me, growling at the intruders.

Standing in the doorway, is my brother. And some other man, my brother looks to be furious, while the other man, dressed in a suit seems to be amused.

"What the hell Ada!?" Jacks voice is loud and slightly aggravating.

"Hi jack" I squeak waving my hand at him.

Fleur is still in front of me, though no longer crouching or growling, but she's still tense. So I reach out my hand and place it on the small of her back.


At the mention of his name the man arched an eyebrow before patting my brother on the back.

"Since we know your sisters  safe I'll be going, call me if you need anything." He whispers.

My brother seems to tense up slightly at David's words, and follows after him grumbling something I can't hear.

"Look baby I should go too, your brothers here, but I'll see you at school okay, call me" she says kissing my hand.

I almost moan at the contact before also following her out of my bedroom, needing to see her out even though I'd been with her all morning. As we made it to the steps I watched as David caressed my brothers cheek, in a somewhat intimate way, before Fleur pulled me into her and kisses me hard.

I was breathing heavy when she pulled away a small smirk gracing her lips.

"See you kitten." She says biting her lip.

She was too fucking hot, I could feel myself starting to get hit as her eyes seemed to darken, before she pulled completely away and waving after David.

"Who was that Jack?" I ask just as he says

"What was that?"

We just  look at each other but I simply arch my eyebrow at him, he's been gone a long time, and I'm guessing a lot of things have changed.

"I guess we have a lot to catch up on jack, let's have breakfast though otherwise I'm going up be grumpy." I huff.

He smiles, and it feels like it's been too long since I've seen my brother so I go and hug him, feeling the tears I didn't know to be holding fall down my face.

"C'mon baby sis, let's get you fed and caught up." He says pulling me into the kitchen.

Okay so who is David and how do you think he knows Fleur... Plus Jack is home, do you think that's going to complicate things for possessive Fleur??

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