Chapter Øne

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~Chapter One ~

{Ada POV}

I couldn't help the glare that settled on my face as the white walls and iron gate loomed up at me on such a warm morning. Another year of hell has started before I was to be released into the real world where expectation were high and I still would have no idea how to function in it. Why may you ask? Because I'm my dumb school didn't exactly teach me what to look forward to other than college, and while I was going to be attending a higher education what if I didn't want to? What if I already had a job lined up in mind? What was I suppose to do to find an apartment, get a car and learn how to pay taxes. Who knows, but I'm sure glad I know my permutations.

I was feeling bitter as I walked into the gated community of holland high. One of the most prestigious schools my folks could get me into.
Not a lot of people could get in, having to test at very high levels of education just to be able to go here. So it was quite rare for people to buy there way in, that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. Though the easiest way to get in without brains was family connections to the head master. Which wasn't  unfair at all (rolling my eyes) but when was the world of the rich and dandy ever fair? And while I hated how flashy everything was, it did have its perks. And just as I made it to the steps of the school I spotted the top perk coming my way.

Fleur Le Cruz.

Hollands hottest and finest student, Who also happened to be the most attractive girl I have ever seen. People adored her so much that they created prestigious fan clubs for her. Although it made sense after all, we did go to one of the most highly educated academies in the world. With her dark short hair, plump lips, and many, many tattoos decorating her fair skin, I couldn't help but sigh. Even just thinking about her brought a blush to my cheeks.

Now I had never really been one for falling the unobtainable. But I mean you had to try everything once right? So this was my secret crush, whom I daydreamed about constantly. Wow that sounded borderline stalkerish. I scrunch up my nose and shake my head a little to get my head out of the gutter.

But looking back at her I can't help but feel a small thrill go through me as I watch her push a hand through her hair. I bite on my bottom lip, before the weird excitement that courses through my dies down when I see some ginger colored hair girl wrap her arm tightly around her waist. She leans into Fluer who doesn't seem to notice, as she talks to her other friends. It's only when the girl huffs angrily and starts to walk away from her that she seems to give any attention to her. Fleur quickly grabs her hand and pulls her to her kissing her fiercely before walking away. The girl is dazed before a huge grin sets on her lips as she moves to catch up with Fluer. Who seem to be heading towards the entrance of the school. which just for the record happens to be where I was standing, now frozen because they were approaching and I couldn't remember how to move my feet.

It's too late to flee, so I simply move to the side lowering my head as they pass me, feeling a strange urge to submit to fleur. But just as she starts to pass me she slows for a second glancing at my bowed head and grinning before she's moving again. The ginger glares at me before moving to cling onto fluers arm. I feel myself growl lowly to myself but ignore it. After waiting for five minutes do I follow them into hell. 

My heart was still racing simply from the glance that she had shot my way, maybe she had noticed me? Probably not I wasn't even a blimp on her social circles radar, let alone anyone else at this school.

Fleur Le Cruz was quite well known around our small city and maybe even the world. Many people knew her father owned a highly wanted facility. He ran some kind of medical business it was made with  all natural  ingredients making it  far more expensive and effective. It was rumored that he was the most sought after doctor. My own parents worked under him, though not many people knew that, as they acted as if they didn't have children.

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