Chapter Five; Pissed Bullies

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I was still in shock about the fact that fluer had been inside of my house, while no one else was home. Sure it might not seem like such a big deal to most people, but for me it was huge. She had talked to me and been inside of my house and she knew my name.

For a girl that thought she was completely invisible it was like Christmas had come early, because the most popular girl had spent time with me. Sure it was because of an assignment and I'm sure she'd forget me after this, but it was still quite an accomplishment. I felt myself float on air a bit as I made my way to the kitchen, fixing myself some home made pizza, singing along with the radio and dancing to trey songz.

~ ~ ~
• • •

It's been a week since Fleur started coming over to my house, we had started talking in school, not like hanging out or me eating lunch with her more like if she saw me she would wave  then send me a flirty smile. When it came to art she started coming frequently and sitting beside me, she would make small jokes about random things, and we kind of became somewhat friends. She  had become the one good thing about school, however this didn't stop the beatings, in fact I felt as if it got worse simply because the most hot girl in school looked at me every once in awhile.

I'm pretty sure drew was jealous as he would constantly ask me how I got her to talk to me, or simply acknowledge my existence. But when I told him it was for an art project he simply ignored me, calling me a liar. But he must've got it through his thick skull today because Him and his odd gangly crew were now hitting all over my body, including  my face. At this point I was thankful that my parents weren't home often as they wouldn't notice, nor would they wonder why I suddenly found an interest in foundation. It took me a couple tries and many YouTube tutorials later before I was able to put on foundation without people being able to tell. Or for my face to look like that of a clowns.

But I must not have been doing as great of a job as I had originally thought because someone noticed and they seemed to want to take care of me, that person was my brothers girlfriend. Much to my protest. My brother had told me he would be booking flights to come home the next time anything happened to me, much to my displeasure. It would be sooner than I expected.

~ ~ ~

"You know what freak, the only reason she talks to you is because of school, otherwise she wouldn't give a single fuck about you." He snarled.

Drew had seen the wink that fleur sent my way today and was now taking his frustration out on me.

It's funny how those words hurt me ten times more than him punching me in the face and kicking me in the stomach. Whoever first said that 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me' was a fucking liar and an asshole. The result of these words were the simple cause of the pain. Something in me snapped.

I tried getting up and fighting back, saying Fleur wasn't that type of person! He only laughed before punching me so hard the walls swam and blood exploded from my mouth. At the sight of blood he cursed before him and his friends fled.

My peripheral vision starts to become murky as I crawl towards the opening in the small hallway. I drag myself and try to get to the main hallway, using up all my strength to get there before passing out.

~ ~ ~

I feel a rocking sensation, as if I was on a boat, my stomach rumbles and I can't help but feel myself about to hurl. But there is nothing inside of my stomach so I end up dry heaving causing the pain to intensify from my already bruised ribs. The person carrying me seems to notice my pain and hurries, moving faster than they were before. I hear the doors of the infirmary being knocked on and opened and the sound of hushed tones are made above the sound of my body.

"What the hell happened here!?" a high pitch voice screeches.

I wince, not liking the high pitch ringing noises it seems to vibrate inside my head.

"Will you quiet down your making her hurt" Another voice growls. though this one is lower raspier, it seems very familiar.

"Well lay her down on this bed, we need to see the extent of the damage."

A rustling sound can be heard before I feel warm hands on my body, moving my clothing so they can see if anything is broken or badly bruised. And by the sounds of the gasping and another growl its much worse than i thought, but when they start probing my ribs things start to burn and the pain becomes far to intense for me causing me shake before passing out.

Waking up was painful, the throbbing in my whole entire body had me whimpering. My eyes were puffy so when I opened them they only went so far, but that didn't stop me from seeing who had carried me to the infirmary, it was fleur, she had an emotionless face before her eyes met mine and sent a flurry of butterflies into my stomach. The emotion they held had me gasping for breath.

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