Chapter Foür: Art Project

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I was a damn mess. After escaping from Fluer and her girlfriend or I don't know, her flavor of the month was I finally able to breathe. There was an odd ache in my chest at knowing they were together but then again I was used to it as I always got that feeling when it came to Fluer with someone else. For the rest of the day throughout classes and lunch it was like I couldn't stop seeing Fluer everywhere when I normally wouldn't see her as much. At least not in school, usually she would be out in the quad or messing around in the parking lot, but now she seemed to be quite active in class. Which she had a lot of them with me, which made me feel conflicted. I was excited that I could see her closer now, but nervous because it was so much easier to feel okay crushing on her from a  distance. She seemed to want to talk to me but I think I dodged her at every corner. It wasn't safe to talk to her not with drew and his stupid minions around. If we were in class where he couldn't know I didn't mind but even then, I was scared. Talking to her made this feeling in my heart grow so much more and I was terrified.

The last bell finally rings, bringing me our of my self stress's induced thoughts. I smile excited to go home, though longing for my parents to be home from yet another work trip. I'd grown used to them being away from home my whole life but usually my brother was always there. Things had changed though, he was now off away at college with the help of my insistence that he needed a change of scenery. He'd always been too kind to me and put me first. I wanted to return the favor when he got into his dream school that was thousands of miles away. He'd promised to keep in touch everyday and to come home whenever he could. That was four months ago. He'd been home twice and made sure to annoy the hell out of me. Speaking of the devil.

My phone vibrates and looking at the caller I.d I couldn't help but giggle.

"I was just thinking about you." I laugh as I start heading to the parking lot.

"About how amazing I am I'm sure. How was school today" He asks.  I can hear the smirk in his voice.

"It was fine same old same old." I sigh trying not to think about drew.

"Oh really because from what I hear things got a little physical." He states angrily.

"It's nothing. But guess what big brother. I have this new art project! Guess whose my partner" I squeal. Needing to distract him and myself from my problems.

"Who baby sister?" He asks. Still sounding angry.

"Fluer Cruz." I stutter.

I'd been heading to my car slowly as I was on the phone when I checked to make sure where my car was and there safe was, leaning up against it. How'd she knew it was mine was beyond me, especially since it was parked in the back away from curious eyes. Know one in this school knew I had a car, but damn if she didn't look like a ducking model. A sexy model that had me slowing to a stop and my jaw dropping.

I could hear my brother on the line saying something but his words weren't really making any sense. Especially when Fluer looked up as if sensing my stare, she slowly pushed off my car walking to me. She walked until she stood right in front of me, her scent filling my nostrils as she slowly closed my jaw. Her fingers rested against my chin. Her thumb brushed against my bottom lip before she dropped her hand. Gulping I couldn't help blink at her in a little daze which seemed to have her chuckling.

"Hello?! Hello? Damnit little sis tell me about how you're long ass crush Fluer is you're new art partner!" He starts to yell.

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