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That's what I saw before me at this time, there seemed to be an endless supply of nice tits in the girls locker room at the moment. It was hard to keep my eyes to myself as I couldn't help but look, they were all nice and plump, but I didn't
feel the stirring that I usually did. However that wasn't until she walked in, with all her nude glory. The fucking queen of the school. Fleur Cruz.

She had the perfect body slim and toned with a great amount of curves in all the right places making me feel pathetic. Again I waited until everyone was gone before changing ready to endure the wrath of coach Lewis who seemed to have it out for me.

Destiny is a funny thing especially for Ada  whose a closeted gay. Or more like no one knows because know one sees her or notices. All except for someone who just happens to be the queen bee and completely fascinated by this shy girl who is out of this world gorgeous

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