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~ Holding in tears hurts more than you can imagine, it's so much easier to let them fall than hold it all in. ~

• • •

Everything hurts for a reason, to tell you that your body doesn't like whatever you seem to be doing in that moment. And at this moment my body didn't like who I had started to believe was the love of my life, my soulmate, my brain didn't like seeing her laying naked with another woman.

I don't know how to describe how much pain I was in, maybe if you were sucker punched by a bus, maybe that would be a good description, but it hurt way more than that. It was like a building falling on top of you, or the hulk smashing you into the ground a thousand times.

She was always reckless I didn't think she'd end up hurting me, after all we had just said those three previous words not even two hours ago.

I love you.

What a lie. And here I was crying while she looked at me in panic, something flashed in the other girls eyes, a lazy smirk of triumph. I guess my mother was right, never trust your heart. So I did what any other broken girl would.

I cussed yelling

Fuck you.

Fuck her for breaking me when she promised she wouldn't.

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