Chapter Thirteen: Sloppy Attempt

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I followed after the lady, although it was more like she was dragging me behind as I couldn't get her to let go of my wrist. She continued to pull me away from the thrashing crowd, away from Fleur and her disgusting displays of affection, away from the reason I had ever danced so recklessly.  The farther away we got, the more I wanted to go back, she had pulled me to the back of the club and into a dark hallway. It was so dark I could hardly see anything in front of me.

Suddenly we had stopped moving and my back was slammed up  against the cold brick wall. I could still hear and feel the base of the club music, a low vibration could  be felt through the wall my back which was pressed to the wall. I closed my eyes, breathing in slowly, hoping it would slow my heart rate. But soon my breathing air is mixed with cigarettes and alcohol all in one, the women is now leaning her face into mine. But I turn my cheek causing her wet lips to crash against my cheek.

A low ugly noise can be heard from her throat, her hands roughly force my chin to lean up, allowing hers to crash her lips into mine.  I make sure to keep my lips locked she bites hard on my lower lip, still I don't move my mouth.

Again she huffs before she decides to leave slimy wet kisses against my throat, while her hands wander over my body. I try to force myself away but she takes it as encouragement roughly grabbing my breast while her right hand snakes its way down my bare leg, reaching towards my most intimate place. Bile rises in my throat, while tears threaten to fall down my cheeks. I race my voice screaming.

I fill a sharp pain sting part of my cheek, as well as the back of my head as it slaps against the concrete.

"Stupid bitch" my assailant growls at me.

I cup my mouth as she comes towards me with a vengeance, but is soon staggering away, as someone drags her away from me.

I'm shaking holding onto myself I should be moving but I can't, but my saviors back,and when the scent of Cinnamon hits my nose I know who has rescued me.

"What the hell are you thinking going off with a stranger" she hisses.

I wasn't.

"Look it doesn't matter okay just go away" I say back.

Though I lack conviction as I'm still shook from what had almost happened. I try to move away, but I'm far too weak before I'm falling forward.

"Shit. Fuck" she growls.

Holding me up she starts to carry me out, but before we're out of the hallway I wiggle having her put me down, but she continues to hold most of my weight as she powers through the crowd. When the ginger comes up, trying to weasel her way in between us. But Fleur is having none of
That, pushing her back before she continues to walk out of the club.

She has me outside her arms wrapped around me, and I feel abnormally safe. Like nothing in this world could bring me down. Though Fleur has gone to get her car, making it so I was alone. But I was around other people so I wasn't as frightened. But that was before I saw ginger heading my way, pure anger was seething through her eyes and her whole entire body. I cowered back as she comes to stand right in front of me.

"Look stay the hell away from my woman" she hisses.

"What are you talking about" I actually don't shake when I speak. Causing me to feel a little more confident.

"Fleur is mine. Stop dragging her around because your some helpless human. She belongs with me. So the sooner  you leave us alone the better." She snaps.

"But I'm not dragging her around" I say lowly.

"Look bitch. Just stop trying to be around her. She's tired of taking care of you. You're a burden. The only reason she deals with you is because she pity's you." Ginger shouts.

Before I can say anything I see that Fleur has finally pulled up and is getting out of the car. The moment Fleur is around ginger puts on the charm, smiling and batting her over done fake eyelashes. And though her words piss me off, and make me want to protest, I know she's right.

So when Fleur comes back I tell her I'll just catch a ride with floda, much to gingers pleasure.

"Look floda left, come on I'll take you home." Fluer states.

Her eyes are piercing as she looks at me, I lower my head before heading to the back seat, mainly because ginger shoved me that way when Fleur wasn't looking at me. The ride was awkwardly silent much to the discouraged slut in the front seat trying to seduce Fleur. But she kept looking in the rear view mirror at me, much to my displeasure.

"Ginger I'm dropping you off first" she states while looking at me.

"No it's fine drop me off first." I shout.

"No. Ginger you're going home first." She says glaring at me slightly now that she's irritated.

Her tone is final.

But i can't have ginger bullying me as well as drew.

"No please take me home im tired and want to be home" I whisper.

Fleur sighs before starting the car and driving, hopefully to my own house. I can see ginger smirk before placing her hand on fleurs thigh making sure to rub her thumb in circles, displaying an unsaid threat. Feeling like shit I can't even build up the energy to care, leaning my cheek against the cool window, I watch the buildings blur together.

"Hey we're here." Fleurs says.

I nod my head before slipping out, I had been half asleep before we pulled up to my house. Fleur walks me to my door, much to my protests she follows after me, standing right behind me as I open the door.

"Look your parents aren't home maybe I should stay here with you."

"No it's okay I'm good thanks." I mumble.

"No. I should stay, I'll just call a taxi for ging" Fleur says pulling out her phone.

"Look don't bother, I don't need you taking care of me out of pity or because you think I'm pathetic." I hiss.

"Why the hell would you think that"

But ginger has honked the car horn, interrupting the discussion, and Fleurs heated gaze which had me captured and was weakening my self preservation.  With her looking away from me i was able to look away and slip into my house only talking to her through the wooden door. Which I felt much better about, seeing as I wouldn't give in with a solid door between us.

"Ada we are not done talking about this."

"But we are fluer okay? Just go alright I'm sure ginger is having separation anxiety." I yell.  

Before rushing  up the stairs not wanting to have to deal with this crushing devastating feeling.

I'm just getting out of the shower, when I hear my bedroom door open. And I had locked my door.

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