Chapter Eleven: Bítch What?

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Okay so avoiding seeing Fleur wasn't as hard as I was hoping it would be, the reason I was hoping it would be hard was because I wanted her attention. But, Being back in school gave me a fresh dose of reality, Fleur was way above me.

It kinda sucked, but at the same time it helped ease the pain in my chest, so walking out of the school at lunch time I wasn't too surprised to see Fleur and the ginger kissing once again against her car. But this time I was sure not to look over like some lost puppy and kept walking, holding my breath.

"Hey Ada! Ada wait where are you going" Fleur calls.

Her voice sexy like she was about to have sex, let's be honest she probably was.

"Nowhere" I say back waving not caring to look in her direction.

In all honesty I was going as far away from her and her skanks as humanly possible.

But as fate seemed to have decided, I'm not allowed any kind of mercy, because warm hands splay across my waist and cheek, turning me to look into brilliant blue eyes.

"Where. Are  you. going" she says again much sterner.

"Home" I whisper.

Removing my cheek from her palm, but she quickly grabs my chin bringing my face up to hers, eyes taking in the state of my face. Her breathing becomes deeper and her body has gone rigid, even the hand around my waist has pulled me closer to her, though the hand on my chin is still gentle.

"Who the fuck is doing this" she growls her eyes flashing a dark color.

"Don't worry about it." I spit back.

Releasing myself from her grasp as the ginger comes up and wraps her arms possessively around fleurs waist. Seeing the flash of a naughty smirk cross her face has me back peddling.

"No ada come here right now"

"No. I'm going home"

"Don't fucking test me"

I rolled my eyes, flipping her off as well as the red head I take off at a sprint towards my house. Bad fucking idea. My sides hurt in red hot pain, and I don't think walking home was the best idea, so I decide to take a bus home. The bus ride lasts twenty minutes before I'm back at my house.

After walking in and going to my room, I've stripped out of the sweaty clothes and have just taken a shower and slipped in some sleep wear when my doorbell starts to ring, repeatedly.

Making my way to the door and seeing through the peep hole, I'm surprised to see Fluer.

"Go away." I shout.

"No" she says simply.

At her one worded answer I sigh but instead of staying at the door I walk away, getting away from her stupid apology. Not that she'd  be apologizing because she doesn't understand that I could possibly be in love with her. And that seeing her with so many girls just shattered my heart.

I lay down in my bed closing my eyes, but that's when My phone starts ringing, so I decide to turn it off, hoping she'll get the hint that I don't want to talk right now. But then the unexpected actually  happens.

She climbs through my fucking window.

And what's even worse is the fact that's she's not sweating, not one single bit. She just climbed up a tree and into my room which was on the third floor. And she isn't even breathing hard, but she is glaring, oh yeah she's glaring at me with a whole lot of energy.

"Well I hope your here to apologize." I state.

Shout out to Flynn rider.

She growls at me. Yes growls and stalks towards my bed, I quickly scramble away and almost make it to the  door before she grabs me and has pushed me up against the very door I was trying to escape through.

"What the fuck is going on." She asks

"Well I was about to go to sleep" I mumble.

I'm cut off by the slam of her hand right next to my ear.

"No. You're going to tell be who the fuck has been hurting you, and why you ran away from me earlier today." She seethes

"No. I refuse" I glare at her.

"I don't think so, start talking" she demands.

"You can't make me" I huff.

"Really" she asks grinning something flashes through her eyes, "you should know. I love a challenge".

Her voice has dropped down a couple of octaves, enough that my body gives an involuntary shiver, and for my nipples to start to perk up. Damn them.

"I don't care" I breathe out.

But she's no longer staring at me, instead she moves in closer, her warm breath fanning out over my face, her nose is trailing patterns that soon her lips go over. I think I can resist, I think I can, oh my god she's nipping at my neck.

She smirks into my neck as I let out a little sigh, as she nips again against my neck before covering the stinging spot with a soft wet kiss. The feeling of her tongue against my neck has me bunching my shirt up in my hands, holding on tightly.

She blew across the freshly wet skin, before she moved closer brushing her lips teasingly against my own, I let out a whine, grabbing the back of her neck and crushing her lips against my own, she's amused by me for moment kissing me back, but then she pulls away leaving me breathless and needy.

" tell me and I'll end the suffering" she whispers in my ear.

I try to capture her lips again but she ignores this and shifts her head back. I frown debating with myself, but as I do this my eyes trail over hers lips which she's sucking on right now. That should be my bottom lip sucked between those teeth and that sinful mouth.

"It was drew okay, you happy, now I'm going to be killed" I hissed.

I was hot and bothered but I was frightened far more then needing a fulfilling kiss, one that would harden my nipples to pebbles, and send a hot current down to my lower regions. No I was now doused in cold water, the fear and pain suffocating me, I started to hyperventilate before she was there, holding me to her. She pulled me away from the door and to my bed, She then laid with me until she had thought I'd fallen asleep.

"Please stay with me" I whisper.

She was trying to sneak out of the window but I need her more, I need her to hold me tonight.

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