Chapter Ten: Bunny Hump

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The last week of bed rest has been nice and calming, but come Monday morning I knew that I needed to get back to school.


Sure I was allowed to leave ahead of everyone and had an escort whom I still didn't know whom it was to be, but the thought of seeing the looks of satisfaction on drews face was, well intimidating. So I walked out of my house in black joggers and a matching black crop top, I matched my all black with white high tops.

I leave my hair in a side fish braid feeling lazy and not wanting to raise my arms as it caused my ribs to hurt even more.  When I step out of my house, I'm surprised to see a sleek black matte, 2014 Camaro.  I let out a low whistle, that is one sexy ass car. But when Fleur steps out the cars sexiness is quickly forgotten as I look at her.

She's not wearing anything particularly hot, it's just her confidence and the way she holds herself. She's wearing black ripped up jeans and a plain white bro tank. Showing off both of her sleeve tattooed arms. So drooling has easily become a constant around her, I mean when you look that good it's kind of hard not to be sexually enticed.

"Morning princess" she says.

Again her voice is gruff and seems to be rubbing me in all the right ways, already my nipples are taught and for a moment I'm glad its cold outside, as even though I'm wearing a bra, apparently it's a thin one.

"Good morning. Um why are you here" I ask folding my arms over my breasts, hoping she didn't notice.

She ignores me though, instead answering me by opening  her car door. I walk down the rest of the steps, checking to make sure that I have my house keys, I slide into her car. The interior design is all black as well, just like the black leather seat covers. Fleur slips in the drivers side and starts up the car revving the engine, before speeding out of my drive way.

I start to shiver as the leather seats take up all my body heat, I'd forgotten to grab a cardigan, noticing my discomfort , Fleur turns up the heat before turning the fan on blast. The warm air eases away my goosebumps. And further pleasuring me by the strong smell that is simply Fleur.  I inhale, not caring to be discreet as I rest my head up against the head rest.

Sleeping hasn't been as easy, especially sense Fleur was no longer staying the nightly my house, she would use stay in my room before slipping into bed with me.

"Fleur there is a guest room that's right beside my own, you don't have to sleep in the chair" I call out.

She's in what seemed to be the most uncomfortable position in one of the chairs that are in my room. She's tucked her chin on top of her knees and is just watching me.

"But if I sleep there I won't be able to hear you as well and won't know if I need to take you to the emergency room" she states.

"Pretty please Fleur, you need to sleep in a bed or else you won't be able to take care of me anyway" I reason.

She had been very insistent on taking care of me as my parents weren't coming home. I had caved in when she gave me these big puppy dog eyes, though it was a trap because as soon as I said yes she shot me a triumphant look.

"Fine, I'll sleep in a bed" she agrees.

I mentally fist pump! Finally I'd won an argument.

But my happy little dance quickly flitted away and was replaced with butterflies as she took off her pants and made her way to  The opposite side of my bed and slipped in. Quickly I ended up with my head on her very soft breasts for a pillow while she stroked my hair.

"Um" I start to say.

"I told you I'd sleep in a bed, but I never said it would be the bed in the guest room". She states simply.

After that night we continued to sleep in the same bed.

Coming back from the memory, I blushed, she had really nice tits, and ever since then all my pillows seemed lumpy and un-comfortable.

When the whir of the engine stopped, I slowly opened my eyes, greeted by the sight of hell.

Oops i meant hell. Yeah school was fucking hell.

"You ready kitten?" Fleur asks.

She's stretching outside the car already though, causing her shirt to ride up and show off her hard stomach. Flashing some tattoos at the same time. But the delectable sight is quickly covered from my view as a ball of red hair flies towards Fleur, capturing her in a kiss, while her legs wrapped around Fluer, as well as her arms around her neck. Flyers hand wrapped gently around her lower waist before simply cupping this girls ass.

I'm pretty sure my eyes were as big as a fucking basketball. They were practically fucking right now, though I guess you could call it humping. As Fluers arms wrapped around the girls waist and pinned her to the front of her car. The girl let out a loud high pitched moan.

I swear to god everyone anywhere could hear her, although I'm sure it was a bit exaggerated. And so I took that as my Que to leave, already making a plan to go home at lunch, not liking seeing Fleur and her groupies. Especially now after having her all to myself for awhile as she took care of me, it was ten times more painful.

Ad I made my way through the small crowd that had gathered around to watch, I couldn't help but feel like this day was only going to get worse.

And sure enough it did.

• • •

Drew was pissed.

But for once not at me, he was pissed that Fleur had been kissing a girl, which sadly I was, so now I was sure he was going to take it out on me.

And he did.

But he didn't go for the ribs, which honestly was a small mercy, he obviously didn't want to kill me, he just wanted a punching bag. Too bad I never volunteered. He hit my face three times, before barking for his boys, leaving me to slowly make my way to the bathroom to check the damage.

I had a busted up lip and a slightly swelling eye. Well it could've been worse, in fact it had been before, I wipe away the blood and go the the nurses to get an ice pack. Seeing me she started to fret, kind of how I imagined a mother would do over her child. It filled me with longing, wishing for once that my mother was home to take care of me like a parent was supposed to do.

"Oh honey I hope you're okay, you know what, why don't you stay here until lunch time" she asks hopefully a

"Okay, uh thank you". I reply softly giving a meek smile.

"Also let me get some of my special salve for that black eye, it should go away in at least 14 hours Hun." She whispers to me, winking.

I give her a small smile again signaling for her to go ahead. When she comes back, she has this slimy booger green colored herby thing, and as she approaches I'm surprised that it smells like mint rather than ass. She rubs it on gently before telling me to rest.

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