Chapter Twō: hugs

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Again the bell rang, jolting me out of the daydream I was having about Fleur, where the red haired beauty was angry with her since she was paying more attention to me than her.  I was very disappointed when I was jostled out of my daydream, seeing as they were just about to get into a fight when  I was interrupted. Standing in front of my desk was Ms. Harley but I really didn't want to talk to her, especially not when I was in pain and didn't have time to cover it up. So I move faster than her, exiting her classroom by the back door. She calls after me but I duck down in too much of a hurry to escape from her that I don't really see who's coming.

I run into some one that is built like a wall, though soft in all the right places, which has me falling back onto my ass, knocking the wind out of me. Though usually in this cliche moment people would stop and stare, gawking at the awkward girl who ran into popularity. But this isn't your usual type of moment, in fact it's so unusual that people walk on top of me, not daring to look down to where someone was below them and try to help them up. I wince as someone kicks my already bruised ribs, I watch as everyone seems undisturbed. Sighing i move to pick up my books, though its hard to gather them all as they keep getting kicked farther and farther away.

As I reach my hand out for my last book, someone beats me to, their hand brushing against my own as they quickly pick it up.When I get up to see who has my book I'm quick to feel nervous. After all how else should I feel that the girl I'm always thinking about is standing right in front of me in all her glory. No she's not naked no matter how much I wish. She's looking down at the book she's holding with a curious small smile on her face. I realize that she has my sketchbook, it's held open to the most recent drawing that i have, thankfully its not one of her, but a wolf that I have been dreaming about for the last two years, though it never really stays in my mind, so when i had it two nights ago I couldn't help but quickly want to draw it.

"Excuse me, may i have my notebook back" I ask quietly.

When she moves her over towards my direction  i feel as though a thousand feet have stepped on my lungs as her eyes have the power to take away my breath. They're bright greenish blue, though they seem to change every other week. Although they seem to brighten as her eyes land on my own golden ones. She is looking at me with awe, as if she hadn't see this kind of colored eyes before. I cut off the cheesy thought quickly before reaching my hand out for the notebook.

"Oh I'm sorry, i must've knocked you down" She says her voice raspy and full.

I just nod my head, trying to take my book quickly but she catches my hand bringing it up to her lips before brushing them against the back of my hand quickly. I gasp and quickly pull away, unsure as to why she would do that. She seems taken aback as well, though she does better at hiding it. She moves to speak, but like the frightened deer i seem to be, I run away though i hear her calling for me, i move to go down into a secluded hallway until she's gone.

I'm an idiot.

My bump with fleur must have been harder than I thought since I seem to have forgotten my constant tormentor, though he doesn't seem to have because he just smiles at  me wile watching me try to go the other way, but one of his goons is blocking the way, though I can see around him into the hall, I know that he will move and intercept me before I can get away. Drew starts to chuckle from behind me but I don't pay any attention to him as I try to figure another way out but there is none.

I close my eyes waiting for the hurting to begin, when i feel a warm hand encase my own. Opening my eyes, I see that my savior is exactly who I wish it wouldn't be. Its Ms. Harvey whose holding onto me while shooting glares at the boys, They seemed surprised to see her, quickly shooting me death glares Drew fakes a smile before walking away with his boys. I let out a small sigh of relief before mentally preparing myself for the lecture I know is soon to come.

"Ada I cant believe you didn't tell me they started to bother you again"

And here we go.

"You need to trust me, I'm not just your teacher but you brothers girlfriend you should know that you can talk to me, I don't want people to hurt you, and neither does your brother, So tell me next time okay hun?" she asks, stress entering her voice as she finishes her short rant.

"Okay Liz I will I promise" I respond quietly.

She seems pleased with my answer for now, bringing me into a quick hug before nodding her head at me to continue to class, giving me a late pass. I thank her again before making my way to art class.

Ruby Rose is fleur

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