Chapter Twelve: A Clubbing We will Go

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A cold breeze woke me from my slumber, I was drenched in sweat, the nightmare I had was terrifying, I was surrounded by darkness, and someone was looking for me. I could hear the constant sound of footsteps on the stairs getting closer, as I was trapped in what seemed like a box, no way to escape. The space got tighter the more the steps came closer.

Waking up and seeing that Fleur had gone, as the cold breeze was coming from the window which was still open, was definitely hard for me. But I didn't want to focus on what that made me feel, or the way it hurt me. So instead I decided to get ready for the last day of school for about a week. I decided to dress casual and comfy, wearing joggers and a crew neck before leaving for school.

For some reason I just knew that Fleur wasn't going to be  picking me up, it didn't matter that she had been, for the last couple of days, something in my gut told me today was going to be different.

• • •

She wasn't at school.

She had missed our art class where we were supposed to turn in a small impression of what we thought of the other person in a drawing. And she wasn't there which made me upset and worried. But I'm certain I caught a glimpse of her. So I followed her and where she was going, which ended up right in front of the infirmary, not seeing her in the hallway, I decided to walk in, but no one was there but the nurse.

When the nurse lady saw me she smiled kindly at me, before motioning for me to come over to her.

"I see that my salve worked" she says gently.

She was looking over my face, but I was distracted certain that I had seen my Fleur, but the nurse didn't seem to notice my fidgeting.

"Um yes it was great thank you. Um have you seen Fleur?" I ask.

"Im afraid not darling, but if she isn't here she's usually at the club... Oh my gosh lets go tonight!" She squeals.

What the hell?

I mean she is young, only in like her mid twenties, but who the hell invites a student to go to a club? Like I mean I knew our school wasn't normal, but really this was kind of, well absurd.

But she's already really excited, telling me to meet her at some location, and to dress like a club goer or whatever. And that if I didn't know how to do that, to google it.

And that my friends, is how I found myself on a Friday night, in a club with my nurse. Wearing an outfit that made me feel very sexy, and kind of like a slut, and by all the stares I was getting I felt a bit dirty but staying close to nurse, whose name was floda was keeping my nerves down.

So imagine my surprise wen I see Fleur on the stage holding her hands up and dj'ing for the club. People were out on the dance floor, screaming and dancing moving their hips, and she looked amazing. Her hair was sweaty but sexy. She was in a sleeveless crop top, showing off all her tattoos, the women was damn mouth watering. And she was just so into what she was doing it made her even more attractive, I started to get excited and stalked towards the stage, but then as Fleur was moving around and getting some water, the one girl she's been with was there wrapping her arms around her neck kissing her.

And Fleur was kissing back.

Feeling caught and unwanted, I realized coming here looking for her, was completely stupid. I mean what did we have anyways? Nothing everything I had though or assumed was going on between us we just inside my head, I'm guessing anyone else would be able to understand when someone was simply teasing them, but me the social pariah thought that it was flirting.

I felt like an idiot, and needed to get out of this Club before she found out that I was here, but because fate hated my ass, that was the moment that Fleur decided to look down at the dance floor, her eyes landing on me. They widened before she was down, dragging ginger behind her, coming towards me. Panicking I looked for floda, seeing her at the bar I turn and ran towards her, moving out of the crowded dance floor and making it to her side.

But Fleur was right behind me, she looked pissed as she looked at floda who was now fiddling with her drink and looking like a five year old caught doing something bad.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She yells at floda.

Not wanting her to get in trouble for something that she thought would help me, I move to stand in front of her looking fleur in the eye and glaring.

"She was sad because her boyfriend just broke up with her, so I told her we should go dancing you got a problem" I ask my eyes squinted.

"See babe they're here to dance come one lets go to your private area." Ginger says whispering in fleurs ear provactivly.

Pressing her overly large breasts against fleurs bare arm. Feeling a strong heat of jealousy, I quickly shove past the two, dragging floda onto the dance floor with me, and started to dance. The song skippin by Mario was on. I started to sway my hips, kind of like how I did in the mirror at home, letting the rhythm take over my body.

"Wooo. You Go girly go!" Floda says behind me and I giggle.

I sway my hips more following the boom boom of the lyrics and the heavy bass. Soon I can feel large but soft hands on my bare waist, looking over I see a tall women looking down at me grinning. I stop moving. But from where i am I can see ginger and Fleur in their somewhat private area and gingers sitting on fluers lap, kissing her.

Feeling reckless, I start grinding on the lady behind me enjoying her warmth before pushing my body against her and giving her a teasing smile. But as the song ends, the lady pulls me away from the crowd and into a dark hallway. My heart starts to beat faster, but not in a good way, now I'm feeling scared.

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