Chapter Threé

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When I finally get to the art class I was surprised to see it was mostly full, most of the time people would skip this class period as it wasn't as important to them. But there were still hardly any students that I was able to find my usual seat and placed up a new blank canvas. As I start to get the rest of my art supplies in order, I hear the chair next to me grind against the floor, making a loud screeching noise of wood and marble being rubbed together. 

Though Im certain that noise was made to grab attention, I stay focused on my canvas as the assignment on the bored is that of a portrait, but before I can start ms Higgins clears her throat meaning she was going to explain what she meant and wanted.

"Class since it seems that we have the most attendees today, I would like it if everyone partnered up and drew a portrait of each other. In order to do this, well you're going to have to spend time with our partner I want four portraits for each person." She says lazily before waving her hand, as if to say proceed.

Looking to my right, I'm suddenly wishing that I had looked up when the chair had been scraping across the floor as the hottest girl sits across from me, and yes you're right. It is fluer Cruz.

Her icy blue eyes giving me butterflies and a hot heat to tumble down in a lower region. I shift slightly uncomfortable before glancing around. Everyone seems to have found a partner leaving us two to have to be each other's. She sends me a quick smirk before moving her art things closer to my own. But she must not like that position because she moves her things to the opposite side so that she can look into my eyes.

"Okay so right now draw each other, then after being close for three weeks turn in your four other pictures and see how your perspective may have changed and affected your image of them" ms Higgins whispers throughout the room.

Everyone is silent except for the sound of pencil and paintbrushes swishing across the canvas. Somehow I feel relieved that I don't have to talk right now, and that I can just do what I do best. So I look at her, as little  as possible and start in on my rough sketch. I can't tell if she's doing the same as whenever I look at her, her eyes are on me. Watching me, I try hard not to blush but the next time I look at her, she smirks before sending a wink my way!

I can almost feel the world stop as does my heart. Before it quickly picks up pace again, I'm frightened that I might have a mini heart attack ad that was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I bite my lip hard, I grip my pencil so tight it cracks, before breaking. I gasp slightly as the wood causes unpleasant vibrations to move up my hand, creating the feeling of my hand falling asleep and the weird tingly-ness that happens as it wakes up.

Shaking out my hand I swiftly get up walking to the back and throw my pencil away before getting a new sharp one. When I get back to my area I see that Fleur has moved and is now sitting in my seat. I clear my throat loudly as she's staring at what I've roughly drawn. Her eyes are clouded making it hard to tell what she's feeling. When she doesn't make a move to stand I clear my throat again, this times she hears as she looks up at me.

"This is really good" she says her voice quite, it's only loud enough for me to hear.

"Yeah well it's not done yet, so if you could please" I say. Motioning for her to get off my seat.

I knew I came off rude but she had me flustered and I couldn't filter myself, but she seemed to understand as she got up, making it so she was right up in my grill. She slowly walks past me, her eyes don't leave me as she brushes her whole entire body against mine before I'm making it back to my seat.

She makes my nipples hard.

The sexual tension I feel inside is disastrous, and the only one who would be able to make this feeling go away is her, with her hands and that wicked tongue of hers. I shake my head as I feel like I've been standing in front of my canvas for about ten minutes just imagining Fleur running her hands all over my body. I shiver slightly before going back to drawing.

Not paying attention when the bell rings, finally being able to draw her without feeling guilty to the fact that I was drawing her but this time I was supposed to. The only reason that I do come out of my daydream faze is the warm hands that are touching my shoulders, I feel uncomfortable until I catch the warm cinnamon scent, I know who it is.

"As much as I enjoy you drawing me, it's time to go"

She's leaned down and is Whispering in my ear, she's so close that I can feel her lips brush against my earlobe, at one point in time her tongue flicks against my skin, causing my eyes to flutter shut for a second. But soon reality comes crashing down as I hear a higher pitched voice calling for her. And when I look to the door seeing the girl she had kissed earlier the fact that she was touching me hurt.

I quickly flinch away before I nod to get and hurrying past the girl that is Now sending me curious glares. I don't look back knowing that I would see something I wouldn't like, and that would mostly hurt me more than anything. Sighing I head out to the parking lot knowing this was going to be hell if I had to actually spend time with her, seeing as she affected me in such a powerful way.

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