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"Family? I have a family?" by Ant357627
"Family? I have a family?"by Ant
What if Summer & Tai adopted another kid in their lives. Or more?
The Dragon Gamer Of Remanant (Adoption) by LupusNoir00
The Dragon Gamer Of Remanant ( Lupus Noir
This story is about a gamer who got transported to the world of Remanant. He spawns in the jungle with his trusty system Mira,But there is a big mishap. Instead of being...
The Rose Hunter by Beaner10
The Rose Hunterby Beaner10
(Y/N) Rose had a happy childhood till one day he went to find his pet zwei but never came back. He was presumed dead but in reality he was in Yharnam killing the beast a...
Beast Mode (RWBY harem X grimm male reader) by Username19870o
Beast Mode (RWBY harem X grimm THE AWESOME PYRO
After being abandoned by his parents left to be torn to shreds by grimm he is instead treated as one of there own and will grow up to be one of the toughest monsters eve...
RWBY: Stand By Me, Always [1] (Raven x M!Reader x OC) by JsImagine
RWBY: Stand By Me, Always [1] ( Imãgine l Caidyn
The world of Remnant is home to many mysteries and myths. Y/N one of the very few who knew the truth was highly capable to combat these threats but everyone has their ac...
RWBY: Vampire Of The Blue Moon by IamGamerA
RWBY: Vampire Of The Blue Moonby Ren Higakita
A cover of blue leather. Pages as black as night. A clockwork grimoire. Linked to a silver chain. I'm Vanitas! The Vampire of The Blue Moon passed on me his name and his...
His good girl || rio  by Yara-chi
His good girl || rio by Luv
"Tell them I was hitting it" "Excuse me??" "Oh I'm sorry sweetheart tell them we were making love"
The Fraudulent One. Male Sukuna Reader X RWBY  by BIG_GOOSEY2
The Fraudulent One. Male Sukuna Best vampiress
In remnant there's a name that strikes fear even into the hearts of ozma and Salem and that's Y/n who was once their close friend. But Y/n let his magical prowess get to...
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The All-Powerful Omni-Saiyan In RWBY by DavidBornAgain
The All-Powerful Omni-Saiyan In David Born Again
You were the previous Omni-King before Zeno, an unknown Saiyan God with unfathomable and unlimited power, however, you passed on the title because you sought to seek som...
From Cheated Weak OC to Demon Lord by Dustinsage
From Cheated Weak OC to Demon Lordby Dustinsage
An alternate Jason Uchiha timeline
The Jaune Multiverse by Jaunedice_Forever
The Jaune Multiverseby Jaunedice Forever
Part 1 - Canon RWBY Cast from the Vytal Festival react to All My Versions of their friend and resident Hero Jaune Arc
Pilot (Summer Rose X Male reader) by Knotavin
Pilot (Summer Rose X Male reader)by Knotavin
With a mission gone terribly wrong, a pilot of an advanced fighter plane finds himself struggling to to prevent crash landing. What's makes it all worse, he is heading t...
the wheels of life by WolfSama8
the wheels of lifeby Wolf Sama
Blake belladonna 25 years old, member of team IWBY, famous hunter known around the world for having a hand in Salem's defeat. one day her weapon, Gambol Shroud gets brok...
Parental Instincts by NixiumDonuts
Parental Instinctsby A.A
There was a young man who ended up taking care of four little girls the moment they appeared in his life. A father of four at a young age is a hard task for him, especia...
RWBY Reactions by Cookie049
RWBY Reactionsby Cookie049
WAIT WAIT WAIT before you click off thinking its another RWBY reaction well it is but thats besides the point its gonna be more funny I think i have no idea i'm just a d...
Jaune Sanguinius - Warhammer 40k by Jaunedice_Forever
Jaune Sanguinius - Warhammer 40kby Jaunedice Forever
After Losing the War against Salem, Jaune was dealt a Cruel Legacy. Not only he was Related to Salem he was her Descendant. Passing on her curse, she died leaving Jaune...
Death Rides on Swift Wings: a RWBY x Male Reader x Highschool DxD Story by Bluebleo
Death Rides on Swift Wings: a Author Man
"Death does not discriminate." -Y/n Gremory, formerly Y/n Rose. Y/n Rose was the older brother of Ruby Rose, but was abused and neglected by his family. They w...
He Who Desires, But Acts Not: Abused Male V Reader (Devil May Cry X RWBY) by TheChainsOfDespair
He Who Desires, But Acts Not: Horror-Kun
So this is my first time I'm inheriting a story from another Author. Ima do my best but I'll make changes of course. anywho the original owner of the story is @Hyde_kido...
SU Garnet (Ruby + Sapphire) x Reader (Discontiued) by MarionetteGaster
SU Garnet (Ruby + Sapphire) x FunkyFlow
Y/N was a flirt and wasn't hesitant to play dirty, she was mostly a kind and sweet gem...she was a being that would always help others before herself, no matter the shap...
Mind Reader (Neo X Male Reader)  by Knotavin
Mind Reader (Neo X Male Reader) by Knotavin
(Y/N) is a Mind Reader. At a young age, he caused trouble for his family because of his semblance...and now he's a runaway. How will his ability affect his hopes for bec...