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The Phoenix Rise by Samrose45
The Phoenix Riseby lightning storm
Sapphire Rose is the older twin of Ruby Rose, when their mother died Sapphire unlocked her semblance and decided to leave on a journey, giving Ruby a pendant before she...
Lady spooky (Oscar Diaz) by kiaraillatrates
Lady spooky (Oscar Diaz)by kiaraillatrates
LADY SPOOKY 👻 "she's tough she's like a little lady spooky" he said I bust out laughing. I like the sound of that. Lady spooky
Remnant Shall Know Pain by SupremeUchiha
Remnant Shall Know Painby Supreme Uchiha
This is the remake to (Abused and Neglected) Uchiha Male Reader x RWBY.
Disrepair Rose (RWBY Fanfiction) by Mrjo456
Disrepair Rose (RWBY Fanfiction)by Kivon
Ruby Rose, the cheerful 15 year old girl, turned into something unimaginable. Betrayed by her friends and family, she changed into something that no one will expect. The...
Looked down upon to a legend by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Looked down upon to a legendby Jiren The Grey
Cross over x Goku Reader! You were a student at union and were treated terribly. The teachers would ignore the constant bullying that the student would apply onto you. E...
Uncaged Fangs                   Futanari!fem!white tiger! Reader x rwby harem by tantalust17
Uncaged Fangs Isah K deck
blah blah blah rwby blah blah blah futas the end
The Saiyan Rose by EpicDCGuy334
The Saiyan Roseby EpicDCGuy334
(Y/N) Rose, a Saiyan raised on Remnant has married Summer Rose and has a child, Ruby Rose. The death of his loving wife unlocks a power known as Super Saiyan. Now, he ha...
RWBY: Cinder x male reader by Alameda234
RWBY: Cinder x male readerby Alameda234
Y/N Rose, the first born son of Raven and Taiyang, goes to beacon with his sisters Ruby and Yang. After going through events that lead him towards the darkness, will he...
The Helix Curse (RWBY x Male Reader) by faulty_cyanide
The Helix Curse (RWBY x Male That one nerd who wrote RJO
In an alternate universe where, instead of Taiyang, (Y/N) (L/N) is the father of Ruby Rose. He leaves everything behind for one reason, he is cursed. After touching a st...
A Hero in Remnant? (RWBY x Izuku Midoriya) by Russelkier
A Hero in Remnant? (RWBY x Izuku ᴬ ⁿᶦᶜᵉ ˢᵐᵒˡ ᵇᵒᶦ
Grimms,Huntsmen or Huntresses,Semblance,Aura and Maidens exists in this planet called Remnant...but have you ever heard of Heroes? Suddenly a green light dropped from th...
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Frozen Rose (Male Reader x RWBY Ruby Rose) by 8_Bit_Bastard
Frozen Rose (Male Reader x RWBY 8Bit Bastard
(This is a Schnee Male Reader x Ruby Rose) Y/N Schnee a kind hearted boy growing up in the icy Atlas, The powers of the world are going to be out to get him, Will a cert...
Death Comes Knocking (RWBY x Male Reader) by MINIJUICYDRAGON
Death Comes Knocking (RWBY x MINIJUICYDRAGON
Y/N L/N, a man that hasn't been seen in years now has come back to hunt those who wronged him. The Reaper is coming and no one can stop him. Any and all photos/videos do...
The Golden King (Adopted!Gilgamesh Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Etyion37
The Golden King (Adopted! The Alpha and Omega
The title says it all. (Disclaimer:I don't own Fate or RWBY!)
Rwby reacts to y/n by Ninjacomics
Rwby reacts to y/nby Ninjacomics
(Ive see way too many of these focused on jaube or ruby so I'm gonna take a crack at this) so what happens when the 3rd and most powerful brother God with the mindset o...
Yandere Cheater Ruby X Male Reader X RWBY Girls (On Hold) by HeWhoSmiles
Yandere Cheater Ruby X Male I have No Name
Ruby Rose did something she shouldn't have. She lost a very important person of her life.
The New King {RWBY x OP Male Reader} by ImSpecial0706
The New King {RWBY x OP Male ImSpecial
Y/n Ozpin is the adopted son of Ozpin, The headmaster of beacon. His village was destroyed, but during that he awakens his semblance, and becomes the new king of remnant...
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Arc heir by arnoldtakamiya
Arc heirby arnoldtakamiya
Jonathan Arc visits Beacon with grim news. Jaune must now leave his friends and chosen family and have an heir before the Arc line is extinguished. Pyrrha, determined no...
Salem's son reader x RWBY by Pixelatedfire10
Salem's son reader x RWBYby Pixelatedfire10
Y/n lives in the Grimmlands with his mother and her subordinates and the Grimm. He was taught that anyone that opposes his mother's rule deserved to die. But when he is...
Trust [Dean Winchester] [1]  by Queen9367
Trust [Dean Winchester] [1] by Queen9367
Remi Singer was nine when her mother died, her father became a Hunter. Years later, she's a hunter and she is helping the Winchester's. But she is hiding something from...
The Kiss by Reading_For_Me
The Kissby Writing_For_You
Elizabeth "Liz" Cranston is down on her luck. A series of ridiculously terrible events lead her to a terrible place in life; behind the local Starbucks next to...