Chapter Six: Infirmary Beds

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Fleur's eyes were blazing with rage and worry, but anger seemed to win out of the two as she took a few deep breaths before speaking.

"Who the fuck did this to you."

To say her voice held anger was an understatement, I shudder in fear for the poor soul that has to face her wrath. When she looks at me again she blinks, before her forehead creases in worry, she gently rubs my hand and caresses my cheek. With these actions she draws out the scared emotion and evoked the emotion of happiness.

"Baby, I need you to tell me who did this" she says.

Again that word of endearment, I want to tell her, but I can't I don't know if she'll believe me she could be friends with Drew. After all they did run in the same crowd even if she didn't really know him, I move to speak but wince when the nursery door slams open. Frightened that it might be him I go to hide under the covers, but it's just the nurse, with some frantic person behind her.

But my attention is quickly drawn away from them as Fleur growls at the nurse and starts rubbing soothing circles into my hand that she still holds. Seeing my fear she grabs the curtain that surrounds my bed and pulls it around so that we have some privacy, but I don't feel any safer, it's a simple cotton fabric.

She moves back to sitting on the chair beside my bed, but I turn away from her, because although her concern makes me feel good inside, she's kind of the cause of all my outer pain. I know it's unfair to blame her but everything hurts so much, I close my eyes hoping that this will have her leave. I don't need anyone's pity and I already have to figure out how I'm going to avoid and safely make it to class without drew seeing me. But since its never really worked before im starting to consider just not coming to school, or maybe getting a bodyguard.

"Why is she sleeping we need to know if she's concussed or has broken ribs we need her to be sitting up."

I take a deep breath trying to sit up but fleur is quick to be by my side ad helps me sit up much to my protest.

"Hey, so I'm going to check to make sure your, well okay, and don't need to go to the hospital"

The nurse is a tall red head, she has gorgeous green eyes, they shine with worry and when she reaches to touch my hand but fleur growls, I look at her and arch an eyebrow. With this she calms down before nodding to the woman. She starts scanning me touching around my ribs which has me biting my lip to keep in the whimper. She starts pressing harder which has tears streaking down my cheeks.

"Okay so your ribs aren't broken, but they are very badly bruised. You can't sleep alone, I need to call your parents so they know to watch over you during the night." The nurse moves to leave before I grab her wrist.

"You don't need to call my parents, uh they have a business meeting i'll tell them when I get home anything else?" I ask.

"You shouldn't do anything to physically exert yourself, try to stay in bed. And also no driving." She says.

I give her a warm smile before nodding. As soon as she leaves it falls away, so I was definitely going to have to figure out how to stay awake by myself, so I started to get out of the bed, but a wave of dizziness hits me before I sit back on the bed. The sound of the curtain opening has me cowering back, but it's only the girl that fleur is often seen with. Her eyes hold disgust as she quickly draws fleur away from me as if I was some kind of sickness.

Fluer looks annoyed but doesn't pull away from the girl, and when the girl moves in and kisses her she kisses back, causing a slight aching pain to start up in my chest. Not wanting to have fleur start interrogating me, and also not wanting to see her kiss another girl, whose far prettier than me I try to sneak away. But run into another bed, causing the pair to pull apart with the loud sound. Fleur has concern in her eyes and moves to help me when she's pulled back against said girl.

"The nurse said you can't drive home I can give you a ride" she says.

"It's alright um my mum is picking me up soon." I say waving her off.

She moves again to say something else when the cursed yet beautiful girl speaks up. Her whiny voice causing me to flinch.

"Babe she said she's fine, besides we have a date later come on let's go" she says tugging on fleurs leather clad arm.

Not wanting to start crying in either of there prescience I  quickly wave before leaving the infirmary, not caring that my body protests the fact that I'm moving so much and so fast. I don't stop til I'm in my car, looking around the parking lot to make sure that know one can see me before starting my car and driving out of the parking lot.

Screw the nurses warning.

I only have to stop four times as my head starts to ache and my vision becomes blurry, but I make it home in one piece, or pieces since I did get back far more bruised then when I left. I lock up the house and turn on the security code so the house and I are protected, hoping that no one would try anything as I didn't have the strength to do anything, not even make it to my room.

Instead I end up on the couch in the first living room with an old scratchy quilt over my body, far too tired to try and make it up the stairs. I turn on the tv remembering how she said I wasn't supposed to sleep, or at least not unless someone could check on me. So I decided to begin the marathon of how I met your mother.

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