Chapter Seventeen: Dance for Me

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With the mood between us broken, we get into the car before heading off to the club. I'm a little anxious the last time I had been here things hadn't gone so well, but Fleur held my hand rubbing soothing circles into my skin, allowing me to sort of calm down.

The club was hopping, there was a line that seemed to wrap around the building of shivering girls and pervy dudes. Fleur parked in a reserved parking space before grabbing my hand taking me around the dark corner, we cut everyone in line, the bouncer took one glance at us before waving us in.

Not even asking for ID cards.

Inside was even more. wild, strobe lights were shining all over the dance floor, the walls vibrated from the powerful bass. You could see people upstairs watching those downstairs dancing, however, there weren't nearly as many people up there. I figured that was the vip section. Which saddly Fleur was taking me to, with scarlet trailing behind.

"What are we doing!" I ask shouting as the music is nearing numbing.

"Getting a drink"

Fleur just continues to hold my hand leading me up the stairs, taking us to a more secluded table that looked out onto the dance floor. We could see everything though there were things going on that I wished I hadn't seen.

"Hey what do you want"

Fleur is whispering in my ear her warm breath moves over my skin, her front is pressed right up against my back, and she's swaying us to the beat while the waitress wares for our order.

"Sprite" I whisper.

"Let's try something a little more adventurous?"

"Sure but I don't like bitter things and I don't want to be shitfaced." I whisper back.

"I've got you. I'll take care of you."

With this Fleur gives our order, scarlet us texting someone in her phone frowning a bit before looking over at Fleur and I and smirking. I'm still pressed against Fleur and an enjoying it far too much when suddenly I hear a growl. And for once it isn't coming from my Australian hottie. No it was coming from the blonde that was attacking Fleur earlier today.


I wasn't ready for the way this girl was glaring at me, thankfully scarlet had pulled me away from Fleur before anything could happen. As soon as I left my baby's, I mean fleurs arms the girl stopped growling. I was slightly hurt when Fleur took this girl in her arms and kissed her. Sure it was a chaste kids but what the hell.

The waitress had just come with our drinks so I took a cautious sip of mine, enjoying the fruity coconut flavor I quickly asked the lady to bring me another one. After drinking my fourth one, I was feeling all tingly and couldn't seem to stop moving.

"Kitty cat what are you doing?"

"Leave me alone Fleur you're mean." I whine.

"How am I mean baby?"

"You call me pet names and hold me yet you make out and do stuff with whores like her" I say pointing at the blonde who is now right behind Fleur.

"Baby.." Fleur starts.

"No I'm not your baby. Scarlet lets go dance!" I shout.

I grab onto Scarlets wrist and pull her away from the drinks and down to
The dance floor.

"Oh my god you're my favorite person!!" She squeals.

I laugh enjoying this weird tingly confident feeling. Once at the dance floor scarlet shoved so we're now at the center, people give us a little room before she starts doing the running man. I giggle as she looks so funny, swaying before the song switched to one that was more up beat. I let the music take over. Moving my hips slowly, before rolling my body. Soon I can feel someone press up against me, and from the soft bunks pressed against me I know it's a girl.

I look over my shoulder to see some brunette with pretty eyes dancing with me, she winks before I turn back pushing my body against hers. She has her hands slowly creeping around my waist but suddenly I'm being pulled away. More liked ripped away, and am crushed to someone else's chest.

"Get off get off" I shout thinking if the women who'd tried to do something with me the last time I was here.

"Kitten." A raspy voice says in my ear.

Instantly my body relaxes against this person, as I recognize fleurs scent. She's got her hands possessively wrapped around my waist, and by her body language she's pissed.

"Hey I was dancing with her find your own bitch."

And in that moment I realized Fleur really wasn't anybody to be fucked with. She slowly peeled me off of her before charging at this girl. I watched stunned as they landed on the floor, flyer was on top and swinging hard, the girl on the bottom tried to block her face but blood had already started to run down her face.

"Fleur stop please stop" I begged.

Not even because I felt sorry for her but because I was nervous that she would somehow get hurt. As if feeling how anxious I was for her, after leaning down and over the girl whispering in her ear, she got up and came to hold me.

• • •

Fleur held me the whole way home having scarlet drive us back to mine. I was shaking from the adrenaline that was rushing through my veins.  I had been able to hold onto Fleur as we were herded out of the club like cattle by the bodyguards. Fleur had been cussing the brunette out as she had tried to lunge at me.

"Hey baby it's alright I got you." Fleur continued to say over and over again.

She had been rubbing my arms trying to get me warm, as I continued to clutch at her shirt. When the car stopped infringement if my house, I was only slightly surprised when Fleur followed me in.  We had made it to my room when I finally spoke.

"Are you okay."

"I'm fine. But next time don't fucking dance like that with anyone, so now you need to make it up to me."

Fleur is running her fingers against my chin and lips, looking up at her I see her biting her lip and instantly melt.

"What can I do?" I ask breathlessly

"Dance for me." She whispers before moving back and sitting on my bed.

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