Truth, Dare, or Kiss? -COMPLETED- by felicity202
Truth, Dare, or Kiss? -COMPLETED-by Felicity B. McDonald
When Ava and her friends decide to play their own version of "Truth or Dare", Ava winds up kissing someone she never expected... and wanting more? --STORY SAMP...
  • school
  • boyxgirl
  • lovers
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Enemies with Benefits | ✓ by zuziestories_xo
Enemies with Benefits | ✓by zuzanna
"Consider us as friends-with-benefits, if it makes you feel better about the whole ordeal." I scoffed. "As if. If anything, we're enemies with benefits...
  • mature
  • teenfiction
  • popular
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The Sex God's Trilogy by Youreguiltypleasure
The Sex God's Trilogyby Queen Reign
"Because, I'm going to be your Daddy. And your going to be my princess." Ok what the fuck was happening." "Who said I was your anything." "...
  • daddy
  • revenge
  • famous
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Despised by the Alpha by Goofygirl115
Despised by the Alphaby Sophie Griffiths
"Alpha Lucas... she's a rouge." I sat up in the chair and my eyes widened... he wasn't meant to know that. The love in my mate's eyes vanished and they were so...
  • mate
  • love
  • wolf
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My dads best friend by girlbythebeach
My dads best friendby girlbythebeach
Rose Hart a 16 year old girl who lost her mom at the age of 15 and lives with her widow dad who is a business man. She has 2 best friends. Even though she just lost her...
  • forbidden
  • teenage
  • lovers
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One Shots (18+) by DirtyGames
One Shots (18+)by F.M. Goud
One shots of heartbreak, fucking, falling in love, and some more fucking. This book consists of really hot people who are out of my league and have the love story I drea...
  • lgbtq
  • romantic
  • love
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MaNan FF -It Must Be love by Diyasoni16
MaNan FF -It Must Be loveby Diyasoni16
It is a love story with so much of romance are in the story... How she is caring for her family .. it is a cute romantic story.... how she is pouring her all love to her...
  • love
  • separation
  • lovers
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Fatal Vows | Diabolik Lovers by BirdTrappedInACage
Fatal Vows | Diabolik Loversby BirdTrappedInACage
The plan of Eve has failed - for Yui at least. Karlheinz now has bigger and better plans for her replacement; sixteen year old Arisa Ichinomiya. She isn't like Yui - agg...
  • subaru
  • kanato
  • karlheinz
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Love Comes in All Sizes!! ?  by xXSnowy327Xx
Love Comes in All Sizes!! ? by xXSnowy327Xx
(bxbxbxb) no like no read ok. This world has many different types of "people" mythical creatures I should say, when they are born they get a tattoo on there ri...
  • healer
  • vampire
  • riley
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The Lover (18+) [Completed] by kristineJulihanns
The Lover (18+) [Completed]by kristineJulihanns
"I've wanted you my whole life, Scar, and when I'm finally here with you, you're married..." Scarlett Knightwell has it all. Multi-millionaire company, a somew...
  • company
  • luxury
  • childhoodsweethearts
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Ruthless (Book One) by bearmama256
Ruthless (Book One)by Sadie Torrance
Five years after the brutal murder of her sister, the only family she had left, Ava decides to seek out her revenge against the men involved. Infiltrating the notorious...
  • gắng
  • romance
  • love
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Fornication by SelfMadeBitch
Fornicationby Bougie
Collection of stories, oneshots, etc.
  • bisexual
  • beyhive
  • love
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The Enforcer (Book Three_Ruthless Series) by bearmama256
The Enforcer (Book Sadie Torrance
Cassadee simply couldn't get a break, a single mom barely making ends meet she struggles to make a life for her and her daughter. When yet another date runs out on her s...
  • adventure
  • lovers
  • biker
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Striving For Better by Jamaraa__
Striving For Betterby Mfn Jamaraa
Amari Moriah Johnson lives in California with her dad, brother, and step-mom. When Kamron moves to Cali and they become fast friends, will they become more than just fri...
  • lovers
  • drugdealer
  • rapper
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Born Bad (Book Four_Ruthless Series) by bearmama256
Born Bad (Book Four_Ruthless Sadie Torrance
Addison has a knack for getting in to trouble, somehow she's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. When she finds herself rescued by a badass biker boy she is exc...
  • series
  • exciting
  • war
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Legacies (Book Two_ Ruthless Series) by bearmama256
Legacies (Book Two_ Ruthless Sadie Torrance
Some people are just born bad and this is no truer for anyone more than the children born in to the notorious biker gang the Fiends. Raised in a world of corruption Dies...
  • series
  • romance
  • sequel
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Interest [COMPLETED] by bishitzchar
Interest [COMPLETED]by charlotte
"You are so different." He whispered. "And you are doing something to me, Bella. I can't seem to control myself when I'm around you." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*...
  • badboy
  • completed
  • makelove
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Clumsy Omega | ongoing by iiwinsomeii
Clumsy Omega | ongoingby -winsome-
"Clumsy is like you're calling me a Slut." He tackled her for his father, She's younger than him, mated to his father, The father's son knows things she doesn'...
  • scared
  • lonely
  • alpha
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Headphones | Shuu Sakamaki x Reader by -angstchild
Headphones | Shuu Sakamaki x Readerby 50
Waking up in the morning as usual, the sun is shining, music is playing through your headphones and the three complete strangers looming over you. Wait... What? Yes, tha...
  • shuu
  • dialovers
  • sakamaki
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A Long Way From Home (Book 2) NEW by bearmama256
A Long Way From Home (Book 2) NEWby Sadie Torrance
Stranded in the Caribbean as a child Kenzie longs for her home back in Scotland. When tragedy strikes taking away the only caregiver she had Kenzie decides to embark on...
  • lovers
  • romance
  • sequel
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