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Me and Johnson have been arguing lately and I'm really starting to miss him. We got into a really heated argument two days ago and some choice words were exchanged and we both decided that we should take a break from each other. I miss him a lot and I just wish he'd come home to me already. I hate this being away from him. I need him. He's my other half. He  completes me. I love him. I called my mom and asked her what I should do but she all she told me was that I was too young to know what love is but I know for a fact that I'm in love with JJ. I know it for a fact. After the phone call with my mom I decided to go to bed. But I simply couldn't fall asleep. The bed felt empty. Tears start to fall out of my eyes as I lay in our bed. Alone. It shouldn't be this way. I can't do this anymore. I start to sob into my hands because I miss him so much. I start to hyperventilate which makes me more scared. Usually when this happened, JJ was here with me and comforted me. But he's not here. I start to scream and breathe heavily, becoming upset with myself as thoughts start t Irish through my head.

Maybe if I wasn't so clingy?

Maybe if I wasn't so upset with him?

Maybe if I just layed back and relaxed?

Maybe if I let him hang out with his friends more?


It's just a big fat maybe. I start to breathe even more heavily as I realize that this is all my fault. I quickly grab my phone and call JJ. After about three rings, he answers.
Italics- JJ


JJ please

Y/N, baby what's wrong?!

I-I need you please. I can't take this anymore. I-it hurts and I-it's so empty with out you and I-i can't do this. This is all my fault. I'm such a terrible girlfriend. I-I shouldn't of even called you. I-i need to leave.

Baby stop it. I'm on my way right now and I'm never leaving.

NO! You can't come back! I'll ruin us again!

Baby calm down and just breathe okay? Breathe in and out. I'm coming home and I'm never leaving your side again okay? Just breathe okay baby? I'll be there in five minutes okay? Can you wait five minutes baby?

I-i j-just please c-come h-home.

I hang up the phone and continue to scream and cry, fearing that I'll ruin my relationship with JJ yet again. All of a sudden the door busts open and I'm scooped up into JJ's arms. I continue to sob into his chest as he whispers sweet nothings into my ear. Once I finally calm down JJ sets me down on our bed and lays down next to me. I turn around so I'm facing him and he just looks at me in the eyes and pushes my falling hair out of my face. After about a minutes of us staring at each other, JJ leans in and gives me a quick kiss on the forehead and pulls me into his chest.

He finally came home.

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