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My so called boyfriend, Cody, just insulted me in front of my whole high school class.





no one will ever love you.

you're a worthless piece of shit.

These were just some of the horrible things Cody called me. I walk up to an empty room and close the door. I pick up the phone to call my best friend Jack.

"Hey Y/N whats up sweetcheecks?" Jack asks with a slight chuckle.

"U-um hey J-Jack-" all of a sudden I'm my phone is slapped out of my hand by a drunk Cody.

"What are you doing out here slut?! Oh your talking to Jack huh?! Let me tell you something you worthless piece of shit. Jack doesn't like you. He never did. He just feels bad for you and he just wants to get in your pants like everyone else does" Cody says as he rips my shirt open. I start to scream but he shoves his mouth onto mine. I start to cry because i realize everything thing Cody said was true. Also that no one will come save me. I'm all alone. Cody rips my skirt off along with my underwear. Just as he's about to take his pants off, Jack barges through the door and punches Cody straight in the jaw.

"DON'T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT YOU HEAR ME YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT" Jack yells at Cody. By now I'm a sobbing mess still trying to process what happened. Jack wraps me in a sheet and carries me into his car as I cry into his chest.

"Shh princess its okay. I'm right here. He can't hurt you anymore" Jack whispers as he lays me down in his passenger seat. Once we arrive at his house, I change into a pair of boxers and a sports bra from his sister.

"Get some sleep beautiful. Its been a rough night" Jack whispers as he kisses me forehead. Once Jack falls asleep I get up and walk to the mirror in his room and just sit there and stare at myself. Maybe everything Cody said was true. Maybe I am fat.

Maybe I am ugly.

Maybe I am a worthless piece of shit. My thoughts were interrupted when Jack comes up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Princess, stop lying to yourself. You're not fat. You're as skinny as a twig. You're not ugly. You're so beautiful and sexy. Mhm princess you're the complete opposite of what Cody says" Jack says as he spins me around so I am now facing him.

"Show me then Jack because i still fail to see how I'm skinny and how I'm beautiful and sexy. Show me so i believe you" I whisper. All of a sudden i feel Jacks hands slide underneath my shirt.

"These curves are just mhm. They're so hot babe. I can't even explain how hot they make you look in dresses" Jack says as he looks into my eyes while biting his lips. Then Jacks hands reach down to my thighs.

"Babe these thighs are just a gift of god. Especially when you run! God damn babe they make this" Jack says as he gives my butt a quick squeeze "look hotter than it already is" Jack says as he moves his hands up to my face now.

"Princess your cheeks are just so cute!I just want to squeeze them all the time!" Jack says and i can't help but chuckle.

"Ahh there it is that beautiful smile that brings out those adorable dimples!" Jack says as his smile grows bigger.

"And those lips...I could kiss them all day if i could" Jack whispers as his lips hoover over mine.

"Then do it..." I whisper. Jack smashes his lips into mine, and in that moment i swear we were infinite.


Hey beautiful people, didn't that get steamy eh? Anyways if you know where the last sentence comes from? If so comment where...

~Haley <3

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