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"Good morning mommy" I hear a tiny voice whisper to me.
"Good morning Eli" I whisper to my son.
"Can we make breakfast for daddy when he get home" Eli asks he sucks on his thumb. Sammy should be back from the airport at like 10 and it's only 7 so we should have some time.
"Sure thing baby what do you want to make" I asks Eli as I carry him into the kitchen and set him on the kitchen counter.
"Waffles!" Eli replies getting excited at the idea of waffles. I smile and grab the pancake mix so me and Eli can start making waffles.
"Eli babes can you go get the syrup please?" I ask Eli as I finish the pancakes.
"Sure mommy" Eli says as he drags his little blanket with him to go grab the syrup from the pantry.
"Thank you sweet cheeks" I tell Eli. As I finish setting up the table, the door rings.
"DADDYS HOME MOMMY DADDYS HOME" Eli says jumping around. I pick up Eli and we run to answer the door.
"Babe!" I scream as I set down Eli and jump into Sam's arms.
"God I missed you two" Sam says as he twirls me around. Once Sam sets me back down in the floor he picks up Eli.
"Hey what's up my bud" Sam says as he holds Eli close to his chest.
"Nothing daddy me and mommy have a surprise for you" Eli says smiling up at Sam. Once Sam sets Eli down, Eli grabs Sam's hand and drags him to the table.
"Oh my gosh waffles are my favorite!" Sam smiles as he looks at me and Eli.
"Come on let's eat" I say laughing lightly. Once Sam and Eli sit down at the table I decide to take a quick picture of them. Sam had Eli in his lap as he was eating his breakfast. Eli had taken off Sam's glasses and off and put them on. They were both laughing. I posted the picture on Twitter and Instagram with the caption:
The only two men I need in my life today❤️
They truly are the only two men I need in my life.
Hey guys I should have Gilinsky and Johnsons Father's Day imagines later today so yeah😊

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