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Xxx-xxx-xxxx : hey just wanted to remind you that someone loves you have an amazing day

me: thank you for that but who is this ?

Xxx-xxx-xxxx: no problem and this is Jack by the way :)

me: well Jack thank you for that reminder :)

A couple of days later

Jack: hey

twenty minutes later

Jack: is anyone there ?

Hour later

Jack: you're scaring me now

Two hours later

me: jack I-i need you ...

Jack : okay where are you I'm on my way

me: I'm at some bridge by a park com E fast please I can't do this anymore ...

Jack: hold on for me baby girl please

Jack.rushed to the park in desperate need to save this mysterious girl. He had only ever texted her but her charm has made him fall in love.

He can't loose her now.

He pulls into the park to see a girl curled up in a ball rocking back and forth on a bench.

He immediately jumps out of the car and runs for the girl.

She hears his footsteps and her head snaps up, meeting the face of the mysterious boy.

" jack is that you ?" her quiet voice whispered.

"it's me baby girl" he replied nodding his head. At those words she knew it was him and threw herself into his arms. She sobbed and screamed as Jack held her in his arms. Jacks heart was slowly breaking as he listened to the girls screams and cries. After about a couple of minutes she stopped and looked up at Jack.

Jack looked down at the girl in his arms and wiped his thumbs under the girls eyes, wiping away any excess tears that had fallen from her eyes.

" are you okay baby girl" Jack asked quietly, afraid to set the girl off again.

"I-I'm okay now thanks for coming Jack " she smiled softly.

"No problem baby girl. It's getting pretty cold out, I say we head back to my place to talk and warm up" Jack says slipping off his sweatshirt and putting it on the girl. She smiles and intertwines her small fingers with his monstrous fingers. They walk back to his car, hand in hand. In silence.

"Hey I never got your name" Jack smiles as he opens the door.

"It's Kennedy ..." She replies smiling.
It's so crappy omfg I'm so sorry I haven't updated I really have no excuses as to why

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