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@httpwilknson requested this imagine hope you like it Dani !!


Me and Sam were laying in bed watching Netflix when Sam's phone rings.

"Hello ?" Sam asks.

"Yes this is he who's speaking" Sam asks skeptically.

"I-I'm you're lying." Sam says with tears now streaming down his face. Sam slams his phone down and starts to sob as he throws on a pair of sweats.

"Sam baby what happened ? Who was that ?" I ask Sam quietly.

"Shut up. Leave me alone. I-I need to go" Sam snaps at me before walking out of our room, slamming the door on his way out. I decide to just leave him be because he needs his space when he's mad or sad.

One hour. No Sam.

Two hours. Still no Sam.

Four hours. Maybe he's at Nate's house ?

Six hours. I give up.

I throw on one of Sammys sweatshirts and curl up in bed falling asleep worrying about Sammy. After about two hours of sleep the front door slams shut. I hear Sammy come upstairs and he changes into a pair of boxers. He grabs a blanket and pillow from the edge of the bed and walks back downstairs. I can't help but let a couple of years fall, thinking I did something wrong. I curl up in Sammys sweatshirt and cry myself to sleep.

I wake up the next morning and I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I look at myself and see how red and puffy my eyes are from crying. I brush my teeth and walk downstairs. Sammys on the couch sleeping. With tear stains on his cheeks ?

I walk up next to him and brush under his eyes to wake him up slowly. He stirs in his sleep and opens his eyes slowly and looks at me before he turns back around. I sigh sadly and walk up to our room and grab my phone to call Sammys sister, Emily.
Emily (italics)
Dani (normal)

Hey Ems

"Hey ..."

What's wrong Emily ?

"U-um t-they're gone Dani. T-they're d-dead. " Emily sobs through the phone.

Oh my gosh Emily I-I'm so sorry come over later I-i don't want you home alone okay ?

"O-okay" She sobs before hanging up.

I sigh in sadness realizing what happened last night and why Sammy was acting the way he was. I walk downstairs yet again when I hear the doorbell ring. I open the door to see a sobbing Emily.

"Shh babe it's okay shh" I whisper in Emily's ear as she sobs in my shoulder. I close the door and I sink down to my knees while Emily continues to sob in my shoulder. I hear Sammys feet pad against the floor and I look up to meet his sad eyes. My heart breaks for both of them considering they lost there parents. Sammy comes sits next to Emily as she continues to sob. Her head lifts as she looks at her brother and they both start to sob in each other's shoulders. Sammy looks up at me and mouths

' I'm sorry ' as he shakes his head. Tears continuing to fall out of his eyes. After a couple of minutes, Emily falls asleep and Sammy lifts her up and sets her on the couch and gives her a blanket and a quick peck on the forehead before he walks into the kitchen.

"Hey" he says. His voice raspy from all the crying.

"Hey" I say looking at him.

"I-I'm so sorry I-I shoulda told you a-and I-I can't" Sammy says before he breaks down crying. I rush next to his side as he crus. I hug him and rub his shoulders trying to calm him down. He finally calms down and looks at me. He presses his lips to mine. I kiss back and as we pull away we rest our forehead against each other.

"It's okay baby. We're going to get through this together" I whisper before connecting our lips again.

Hope you like it Dani :) @httpwilknson

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