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My baby💘: hey babe? You want to go hang at the beach today?
You: yeah sure what time will you be here?
My baby💘: yay! how does 12 sound?
You: that sounds perfect! See ya then babe😘
I jumped out of the bed to go grab my bathing suit so I can change. As I'm changing into my bathing suit I received another text message from Jack.
My baby💘: hey babe make sure you bring your long board so we can go skating on the boardwalk and grab some ice cream☺️
Me: ok baby. See you soon😚
Once I'm done changing I go to the garage and grab my long board. I grab my beach bag and wait on the porch for Jack. Within three minutes Jack pulls into my driveway.
After me and Jack finished at the beach, we rode our boards on the boardwalk. As we were riding out boards we ran into Jack and Madison (I could care less if you don't like them #sorrynotsorry).
"Hey bestie" Madison says giggling.
"Hey babe" I reply laughing.
"Hey you want to tag along bro?" Jack ask Gilinsky.
"Yeah sure! You okay with that babe?" Gilinsky asks Madison.
"Sure! Why not" Madison replies. As we were walking/riding across the boardwalk me and Jack rode a head a little bit. As we were riding a head, I rode over a rock and lost my balance. Jack quickly grabbed my hands so I wouldn't fall.
"I gottchu babe" Jack says winking.
We look at each other and busted out laughing. God I love this kid.

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