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Today i decided to surprise my girlfriend, Y/N, at work today. Y/N was a kindergarten teacher in the Bronx so i decided to drop in during her lunch break. Once I arrive at Y/N's classroom I wait outside. I see Y/N dismiss all of her other kids, but she holds one little boy behind. After all the kids are out of the classroom she lifts the little boy onto her desk. I lean my ear against the door to hear what she says.

"Hey sweetie what happened at home last night? Did you eat? Are you hungry?" she whispers as she grabs the little boys hands in hers.

"Mommy came home and she was mad at daddy. She grab my hand and drag me to the closet. She locked the door and left me there. Miss.Y/N can i come live with you and your boyfriend?." the little boy asks Y/N.

"Here sweetie eat this. Sweetie has your mommy hit you before?" Y/N asks the little boy softly.

"Yes, Miss.Y/N" the boy replies as he devours the sandwich.

"Here follow me to the nurse so we can see where mommy hit you" Y/N says as she grabs the boys hand as she walks him to the door.

"Hey baby" I say as she comes out the door.

"Oh hey babe! What are you doing here? Oh and this is Mr. Kalief. My little buddy" Y/N says as she picks Kalief upland bounces him up and down on her hip.

"Hey buddy how you doing?" I ask Kalief softly.

"I'm okay. Are JJ? Miss.Y/N's boyfwiend?" Kalief asks softly. I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yeah thats me buddy" I say softly.

"Cool! Miss. Y/N talks about you a lot" Kalief says excited all of a sudden.

"Hey JJ want to come with su to the nurse?" Y/N asks.

"Yeah sure!" I reply as i grab Y/N's hand. Once we arrive at the nurses office, she takes Kalief to the back to check for bruises so i grab Y/N's hand and take her back to her classroom. Once we arrive at her classroom Y/N breaks down crying.

"Hey, hey baby look at me. Your doing everything you can to save this boy okay?" I tell Y/N as i grab her chin so she's looking at me in the eye.

" I know JJ, I-i just feel so bad that he has to go through that i mean he's such a sweet innocent little boy" Y/N sniffles.

"Hey you're doing all you can" I say as I kiss her temple.

"Miss.Y/N Kalief and the nurse are waiting for you" the lady over the intercom says.

"Okay thank you Jeanie" Y/N says as she grabs my hand so we can walk to the nurses office together. Once we arrive at the nurses office we sit down so we can talk about Kalief.

"So i checked Kalief and he has major bruising on his ribcage. His ribs are showing. Y/N, i called child services. He's going to get out of there. You saved him" The nurse tells Y/N smiling.

"Babe i told you, you could do it. You did it" I say as i kiss Y/N. God she's so amazing and i can't wait to have kids of our own with her.

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