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@valerienicole10 requested an imagine and I'm a sad mood so here it goes. I apologize in advance for the tears that
may or may not be shed. ( listen to the song while reading ).
Valerie's POV

"I'll be right back baby girl. Love you" Nate says as he gives me a quick peck on the lips. Nate was just leaving to go to the grocery shopping.

30 minutes pass. What's taking him so long ?

45 minutes pass. Where is he ?

1 hour passes. Maybe there's traffic ?

I'm starting to get really nervous, but then I hear tires in the driveway. But it doesn't sound like Nate's car ?

Who was it ?

The music isn't blasting like it usually is ?

I hear someone walk up to the front porch and knock.

He has a key why didn't he just walk in ?

I open the door to face a cop. He takes his hat off and I start shaking my head violently. Tears are streaming down my face.
"No. No. NO! ITS NOT HIM ! IT WASNT HIM ! STOP LYING IT WASNT NATE! WHERE IS HE ?! No..." I sob as I sink to my knees.

It wasn't Nate. It wasn't him. He's still here. He didn't leave me. It wasn't him. He's still here. He's still at the grocery store. It. Wasn't. Him. I keep repeating to myself. I start screaming and sobbing at the thought of Nate not being here.
Not being here.
With me.
Not being able to be in his arms anymore.
Not being able to feel his lips on mine. His hands in mine.
Not being able to fall asleep in his arms.
Him not being here.
I stand up my knees weak as I go to pick up the phone. I press Nates contact in my phone and wait for it to go to voice mail.

Hey sorry I couldn't pick up the phone. I'm either in the studio or hanging with my babygirl. Leave a message and I'll try to hit you back.

I start crying even more.

I'm never gonna hear his voice ever again.

My phone starts to ring again and I answer it without even looking at the screen name.

Valerie are you there ? I hear Nates brother, Stew , sniffle through the phone.

Y-yeah. I-I c-ca... I start but end up sobbing into the phone.

I-I c-can't b-b-believe h-he's gone Stew says breaking down. We end up crying into the phone for a couple of hours. We finally hang up and I walk to me and Nates room to try and fall asleep.

I can't.

It's not the same without him.

I end up crying myself to sleep. My sleep is interrupted by someone waking me up.


I shoot up and wrap my legs and hands around his neck and hug him. I start to sob in his shoulder.

"Woah baby what happened ? I'm right here ? Baby what happened your scaring me ?" Nate says surprised by my recent actions.

"I-I h-had a dream t-that y-you left" I sob into his shoulder.

"Baby look at me. I'd never leave you okay ? It was just a dream ok ? It was just a dream. " Nate says as he hugs me tighter.

It was just a dream.

Oops. I was gonna end it a totally different way but I decided not to. Sorry for anyone who cried.

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