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Nate and Sammy had gone out earlier to go penny boarding while I stayed at the house to finish up some school work. All of a sudden I hear the front door slam and the sound of Nate hissing in pain fills the house. Once I get down stairs I see John, Sam, and Nate. But Nate's covered in cuts. He has two big gashes on his v-line and a humongous cut on his hand. I gasp as I see Nate and I immediately run over to him.
"What happened?! Are you okay?!" I ask Nate as I examine his cuts.
"Yeah I'm-ahh- I'm fine babe" Nate says hissing in pain through out his sentence.
"What happened?!" I ask Sammy because Nate doesn't look like he's in the condition to speak.
"We were penny boarding and Nate skated over a rock and fell" Sammy explains.
"If you were wearing a shirt this wouldn't of happened. What why weren't you wearing a shirt Nate?" I ask becoming slightly jealous at the thought of another girl looking at my man shirtless.
"It was hot so I took it off" Nate says shrugging.
"Ugh. Just come upstairs so we can clean that up" I say pointing to Nates cuts. Sam drapes Nates arm his shoulder so Nate can get upstairs. Once Nate gets upstairs I tell him to go lay in our bed while I go grab the peroxide to clean his cuts. Once I get back to Nate and I's room I grab a towel from the night stand.
"Okay so I'm going to pour a little of this on your cut so it doesn't get infected ok babe?" I ask Nate.
"Sure thing babe" Nate says.
I pour a little of the peroxide on Nates cut.
"AHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK! GOD DAMNIT" Nate screams at the top of his lungs.
"Babe shush it's going to sting a little but if we don't clean it off it's going to get infected okay" I say in attempt to calm down Nate. I straddle Nates waist so I can continue to wash his cuts and hopefully make him stop thrashing when I pour the peroxide. After I finished applying the peroxide I took Nate to the bathroom to bandage the cuts.
"Hmm I could get used to this" Nate laughs. Right now Nate is sitting on the sink and I'm in between his legs wrapping his stomach.
"Haha very funny Nate" I say chuckling.
"What would I do without you babe?" Nate asks me looking directly into my eyes.
"Hmm that's a good question. Probably starving and living in a messy ass apartment." I respond looking up at Nate.
"That's true babe. I love you so fucking much baby girl" Nate says as his eyes flicker from my eyes to my lips.
"I love you so fucking much Nate" I tell Nate as I smash my lips into his. I seriously don't know what I would do either if I didn't have Nate in my life. And I'm thankful that I don't know.

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