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Jacks POV
"Make sure she's safe okay ? I want out of this ? " I whisper as I hand him the suitcase of cash.

"Can't make you any promises Jack. " he says lighting his cigarette and walks off. I pull up my hood and walk back to my hotel room with Y/N. I walk in and she's peacefully sleeping wrapped in the white sheets, her clothes still in the floor because of last nights events. I pull off my sweatshirt and shirt and rest my head in my hands. His words keep ringing through my head.

Can't make any promises Jack.

I can't imagine anything happening to Y/N. I wouldn't be able to live with myself. She's my world and I can't lose her. Being in this business is to risky with her. This is my last deal and I'm out, but that doesn't mean we're safe. It doesn't mean she'll be safe. I hear the bed creak and I turn over and look at Y/N as she slowly wakes up.

"Hey Jack." She whispers still tired.

"Hey babygirl." I look over at her and give her a quick kiss on her forehead.

"What's wrong baby?  Something's up." She whispers kissing collar bone.

"I don't want to do this anymore babygirl. It's not safe. They can hurt you baby. I can't let that happen. " I sigh caressing her face with my hands. She sighs and grabs my face in her hands.

"Baby. We're in this together. I'm staying with you through out this. " she says before she presses her lips to mine in a kiss full of passion. I lay her back down in the bed as we continue our heated and passionate make out session. Soft moans leave her mouth as I kiss her next leaving marks letting other people know she's mine. She flips us back over and leaves her mark on me. Just as she was about to leave another mark, a whole bunch of men in mask barge through the door. Y/N lets out a blood curdling scream. Something I never wanted to hear. One of the guys comes up to me and starts throwing punches left and right one hitting me square in the jaw and I fall to the floor.

"JACK NO" I hear Y/N scream. Just as I get back up another guys comes up and slips a bag over my head.

"Y/N ! Y/N ! LET ME GO ! LET ME GO YOU YOU BITCH" I scream and thrash trying to get back to Y/N.

"STOP IT NO! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ! PLEASE ! STOP IT YOURE HURTING ME ! JACK PLEASE HELP ME ! " I hear Y/N scream. I continue to thrash as tears pool in my eyes thinking about how my babygirl is hurting. I hear scream as her sons fill my eyes. They push me into the back of a car and take off the bag on my head. Before they close the door I see Y/N sobbing with someone on top of her. I start to cry harder and scream at the thought of someone hurting my bay and someone touching her in only a way I'm supposed to touch her. After about being in the back of the car for about thirty minutes I calm down and fall asleep.

an hour later •

I stir and make out another body laying in the corner of the trunk. I immediately become alert and crawl over to the body and shake it slowly. It's a girl.
It's Y/N.

"Hm Jack ? Baby oh my god !" Y/n says as she wakes up crawling into my chest, sobbing.
"Shh babygirl it's okay. I got you now. Shh baby we're going to get through this okay ? I'm going to get you out of this. I'm gonna get us out if this." I whisper into Y/N's head as I rock her back in forth calming her down. She looks up at me and I see a big black bruise on her eye.

"Baby what did he do to you ?" I sniper as I caress the side of her cheek. She whimpers in pain as I near her eye and tears silently flow out of her eyes. 

"H-he touched me Jack. I t-told him to stop and h-he hit me. I-I screamed and he called m-me a slut a-a-and..." Before she can continue she starts to cry in my chest again. I clench my jaw and my fist at the though of someone else touching my baby. I'm the the only one who can touch her like that.

"J-Jack baby I'm cold " Y/N says burying her face in my neck. I pull her closer to me, if it was physically possible, and hug her close to me. She sniffles and presses small kisses on my collar bone and soon I hear soft snores coming from her mouth. I kiss her temple and lay my head on the back of the truck. The truck comes to an abrupt stop and Y/N's head snaps up. She starts to shake in fear and tears flow down her face. My heart breaks seeing my baby like this. The truck door opens and the man grabs Y/N by her hair and yanks her out if the car. She yelps in pain and I start to run out of the car and charge at the man. I pin him down to the floor and throw punches at him left and right.

"Don't. You. Ever. Fucking. Touch. Her. Like. That. " I scream at the guy until he's unconscious. Y/N is in the corner shaking and crying. I run over to her and pick her up bridal style and run to the closet door. She clings on to me as we run across the street. Gun shots ring through our ears and Y/N starts to scream and cry. A car comes speeding next to us and my boss rolls down the window.

"Hop in Jack. " he says. I crawl in the back still holding onto Y/N as we sit in the back. She's holding her ears and sobbing. My boss looks at me with a sad smile. I rock Y/N back in forth in my arms in attempt to calm her down. Tears silently flow out of my eyes thinking I caused my baby all this pain and fear. Once she finally calmed down, she falls asleep and I start to talk to my boss.

"You really love her don't you Jack ?" My boss asks me.

"Yeah. She's my world." I whisper looking at her sleeping peacefully on my shoulder.

"You're out Jack. You're done. " my boss tells me. I look at him smiling from ear to ear. I can finally live a normal life with my baby and not worry about her protection. She's safe. After a while we pull up to a big condo and I wake Y/N up. She yawns and clings to me tighter. I chuckle softly and get out of the car and walk inside the condo. It's fully furnaced and there's food and clothes in the bedroom. Plus there's a king sized bed. I thank my boss and tel him I'll check in with him often and walk into me and Y/N's bedroom and lay her down in the bed. She looks gorgeous as ever laying in the white sheets with her hair tossed around. I pull off my jeans and crawl into bed next to Y/N. I wrap my arm around her waist and trace shapes into her exposed skin. I kiss her temple.

"I love you babygirl" and fall asleep safely with my baby in my arms.

Well. This is extremely long. Plus you can tell I got carried away. This is sorta based off of Justin Biebers music video for "What do you mean" so yeah.

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