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"Babe why do you have to wear that bathing suit" Jack, my boyfriend, groans as he stares at me from the doorway of our bedroom. I decided to wear Jacks favorite bikini because he decided that it would be cute to flirt with a random slut at Sammy's party yesterday. Since today we were having a little get together at GIlinsky's house, I thought it would be a perfect time to tease him. He doesn't know what he's in for. 

"What do you mean babe" I ask acting innocently. Jack just groans in response and walks over to me. He pulls my waist closer to his body. 

"Ok Ms.tease act that way. But understand this-" I'm cut off by Jacks hands roaming my body "is mine and only mine" Jack says in a stern voice. 

"Sure thing mister" I say as I grab Jacks bottom lip in between my teeth. All Jack can do is groan in response. 'Boy, do I have this kid wrapped around my finger' think to myself and smirk. I detach myself from Jack's grasp and walk downstairs, swishing my hips. I jump into the passengers seat and wait for Jack to get in the car. The car ride consisted of music and Jack with a clenched jaw.  

"Fuck" I hear Jack mumble as we walk out of the car. I smirk to myself at his response at such a simple action. As I walk outside I see Sammy, Gilinsky, and Skate with their girlfriends. 

"OMG Y/N YOU LOOK SO GOOD DAMN" I hear Sammy's girlfriend, Stassie(sorry not sorry) screech from the pool. Stassie is one of my best friends and I haven't seen her in a while due to her modeling career. 

"STASSIE BABE I MISSED YOUR FINE PIECE OF ASS" I yell at Stassie as she embraces me in a hug. We rock back and forth and start to laugh as we realize how much of idiots we're being. 

"Come on lets get something to drink so we can catch up" I say grabbing Stassie's hand, pulling her inside towards the kitchen. I've been to G's house so many times before so he didn't care.

"I'd like that" Stassie says chuckling lightly. Once I get to the kitchen, Stassie takes a seat and I make us some margaritas. Me and Stassie walk back outside and lay down to catch up on all the drama. After we caught up on all the drama we decided to tan. 'Let the teasing begin' I think to myself. I lay on my stomach and unclip my bathing suit top. 

"God damn" I hear Jack mumble at the edge of the pool. I smirk to myself when a brilliant idea pops into my head. 

"Baby can you come put the sun tan lotion on my back" I say, fake whining. 

"Sure babe" Jack says with a fake smile. He's pissed. Jack walks over and snatches the sun tan lotion out of my hand. Jack pours a little onto his hands and rubs a little on to my back teasingly. His hands start to roam closer and closer to my butt and can't help but let out a little moan. 

"Why don't we take this home babe" Jack whispers into my ear. I'm in for eventful night...  


I'm going to hell. 

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