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"Come on Nate babe I have to pack" I groan as I attempt to escape his grasp. Me and Nate were currently cuddling for what would be the last time in about two weeks because I had mandatory training for my job in Florida so. I asked Nate to come with me but he had to stay to finish some songs in the studio with Sammy.
"Babe do you have to go" Nate groans as I walk into our closet and pull out my suitcase and start packing.
"Baby its only for two weeks you'll live" I giggle.
"But thats means one week without my beautiful girlfriend I can't do that. Its going go hurt to much" Nate exaggerates as he falls onto the bed.
"Oh won't you just stay with me 'cause you're all I need" Nate sings to me as he comes up behind me to give me a hug. I turned around and latched my hands behind his neck as his hands founds my hips. We stayed in this position and swayed back and forth until the song was over. I looked up at Nate and gave him a quick, passionate kiss on the lips. I reluctantly detach my hands so I can finish packing Once I finish packing I lay down next to Nate and trace my fingers over his rose tattoo as we both drift into a slumber, tangled in each others arms.


BRRRRRRRR Me and Nate wake up to the sound of my iPhone alarm at 5 in the morning.
"Ugh why? Do you have to leave me" Nate pouts as he rolls out of bed.
"I don't want to leave either babe trust me." I whine. Me and Nate walk down stairs so we can eat breakfast before I leave. Once we both finish eating breakfast I go upstairs and change into a pair of capri leggings and a crop top.
"Hey baby can you help me put my suitcase in the trunk" I ask Nate.
"Sure thing Lil mama" Nate replies as he grabs my suitcase and places in the trunk.
"Thanks" I reply as I give Nate a quick peck on the cheek. On our way to the airport Nate placates hand on m thigh. I smile to myself and grab his hand and interlock my hand with his. They fit like puzzle pieces.
"Baby we're here" Nate says as he parks the car. I look at Nate and flash him a small smile. I walk to the trunk and grab my suitcase and drag it out of he car with me. Nate interlocks his hands with mine as we walk through the airport to my gate. Once we arrive at my gate, me and Nate sit down, holding each other, waiting for my plane to board.

Flight 987 to Miami. Florida now boarding

I get up and look at Nate who has a sad smile on his lips. I latch my arms around his neck and give him a long and passionate kiss. i pull away and grab my suitcase and start to walk to my gate. I'm interrupted when i feel Nate's hand on my waist spinning me around, my lips meeting his almost immediately. Once he pulls away he whispers "I love you baby girl".

'This is going to be a long two weeks' I think to myself as I board the plane .

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