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Lately at school, all of the girls at my school are talking about two things... prom and "The Fault in our Stars". I saw the movie recently so I'll probably end up reading the book while everyone's at prom. Yes, I'm not going to prom this year. First of all, I don't have a boyfriend or date to go with, and second of all I have a crush on the most popular kid, who happens to be my best friend, Jack Johnson so he's probably going with some cheerleader.

"Hey Y/N! What cha' thinkin 'bout?" Jack asks snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Hey! Just 'The Fault in our Stars'" I reply.

"Cool! The book is really good" Jack says.

"Really? I saw the movie this weekend but I've never read the book" I respond.

"WHAT?! I'll lend you my copy" Jack says.

"Ok! Thanks Jack! See you tomorrow!!" I reply as we reach my car.

!TOMORROW! "Hey Y/N! Here's the book" Jack says as he hands me 'The Fault in our Stars'. "Thanks Ja-" I'm interrupted by a piece of paper slipping out of the book. I bend to to retrieve the tiny piece of paper. As I open the paper its the two bubbles but instead of Okay? Okay. it reads:

Prom?Prom. ~ Jack

I gasp in shock. As I look up at Jack he's smiling widely. I start to nod wildly and jump into Jacks arms. Next thing I know, I feel a soft pair of lips on mine. Jack. As I pull away, I look at Jack and smile. Jack sets me back down on my feet as I continue to smile.

"SHE SAID YES! SHE SAID YES!" Jack screams down the hallway. All I could is smile. I've finally got my Augustus.

____________________________________________________________________________________THIS IS GOALS AM I RIGHT??

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