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"Good night lil mama" I whisper to my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N, as I give her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Good night princess" I whisper to Y/N's little bump. Y/N is four months pregnant with our little princess and I can't wait. 

"Good night babe" Y/N says one last time before she goes to bed. I lay down and drift into sleep, thinking about my little girl resting in Y/N stomach. I can't wait till my little girl is born. My thoughts are interrupted by a blood curdling scream coming from Y/N. She shoots up folding her stomach screaming and tears flowing down her face. I immediately knew something was wrong. I pick up Y/N only to see a puddle of blood. Tears pool in my eyes knowing that she had a miscarriage. Y/N starts to scream again. I race down to the car and I speed to the hospital. 

"HELP PLEASE! SHES PREGNANT AND SHES BLEEDING" I scream, my voice cracking, as I run into the emergency room. Nurses run out with a wheelchair a take Y/N from me. After one of the nurses calms me down and let's me know that they have to take Y/N into surgery, I wait outside of Y/N's room and sink down to my knees. I start to think of all the memories I would've made with my little girl. Her first day of school. Her first boyfriend. Her first heartbreak. Everything. Simply torn away from her. Torn away from me and Y/N. This only makes me cry harder. My shoulders start to shake as my sobs become uncontrollable. After what seems like hours, I've finally controlled my tears and know I'm sitting next to Y/N waiting for her to wake up. I feel Y/N's hand lightly squeeze my hand and tears slowly start to fall down my eyes.I quickly wipe them away as she turns around in her bed so she's looking at me. Tears immediately start to build up in her eyes. I silently nod my head letting a few tears slip out my eyes. Y/N puts a hand over her mouth as a loud sob comes from her mouth. Y/N's shoulders start to shake and she puts her heads in her hands as she pulls at the roots of her hair. I pull Y/N into my arms as she continues to sob into my chest. I try to comfort her but it ends up me and Y/N crying into each other. Once I finally calm down I rest Y/N's head on my lap and play with her hair. That always used to calm her down when she was having a bad day. She lifts her head up and positions her self so she's now straddling my waist. Tears are still flowing down her cheeks, but she's calmed down. She rest her head on my chest and traces my tattoos as I play with her hair. Next thing you know we've both drifted off into darkness in each others arms... 

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