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My boyfriend, Sammy, of 1 year was currently away touring and I missed him so much. But apparently he didn't missed me as much as I did. The first day he left he called me every moment he got and texted me all day. But now he's been gone for about a month and I haven't heard from him at all. Nothing. Not even simple text saying hey I miss you or something. I've gotten nothing. Yet he's always on Twitter, snapchat, and Instagram but he can't send his girlfriend a text. But lucky for me he gets back today so I'll get to see him. I rolled out of bed and jumped into the shower. After the shower I slipped on a pair of high waisted black shorts with a white crop top and my pair of black vans. I grabbed an apple and my car keys and jumped into my car. About an hour later I arrived at the airport and looked around for Sammy's gate. Once I got there I sat down and waited for people to start coming out of the gate. People started to flood out and I jumped out of my seat anxious to see Sammy. Once I saw him I ran up behind him and jumped on his back and have him a quick peck on the cheek. Nothing. I got nothing from him. He simply said hey. Furious I hop off his back and walk towards my car door. Once Sammy is in the car I start to talk.
"I missed you a lot" I said simply.
"Yeah" he replys. That's it. I'm pissed.
"Yeah?! Yeah! Sammy you've been gone for a month and I haven't heard from you at all! What so ever! Now that your finally back you sound pissed! What did I do?! Did I do something wrong?!" I yell at Sam. Once we pull up to a stop light I look over at Sammy who has tears in his eyes? Once the light turns green I continue to drive in silence until we reach our apartment. Sammy walks slowly in front of me with his head low. Once we enter the apartment I tell Sammy to go sit down on the couch because we need to talk about what's going on. I quickly go upstairs and change into sweats and a tank top and go back downstairs. Sammy has his head in his heads which means one thing. He's crying. My heart breaks at the sight of him crying. I slowly walk up to Sammy and crouch down in front of him and peel his hands from his face and sure enough he's crying. I go sit on the couch and I lay Sammy's head in my lap and play with his hair.
"What's wrong baby?" I ask Sam quietly.
"I um p-promise you w-won't get mad?" Sam stutters as tears start to rush down his face faster.
"I promise babe" I whisper. Sam sits up and looks at me directly in my eyes.
"I um I w-went to a party w-with Skate and I-I um made out with a-another girl" Sam stutters as he starts to cry harder. I just sit there. Sam is so torn up about this but why? 
"Sammy it was just a make out session baby. Why are you so torn up about this? You were drunk it's fine because I know you didn't do it on purpose" o whisper as I wipe the tears flowing down his face.
"Because y/n I'm a screw up. I-I cheated on you with some random slut a-and I d-didn't call you a-and I'm just a t-terrible b-boyfriend" by the end Sammy was full on crying once again. I straddle his lap and grab his face in between my hands.
"Sammy look at me" I tell Sammy. He looks at me dead in the eye as tears are still flowing down his face.
"I'm a fuck up just like my dad said" Sammy says with anger and sadness in his voice.
"Hey don't say that! Your an amazing boyfriend and you sure as hell aren't a fuck up okay? I love you to the moon and back and nothing will change that got it?" I ask Sammy as I rub my thumbs over his cheeks wiping away his tears.
"I love you so fucking much baby. So fucking much" Sammy whispers. I lean in and give Sammy a quick kiss and I get up off his lap.
" Sammy babe go put on a pair of pajamas while I order pizza and find a movie for us to watch k?" I tell Sammy as I bend down in front of him to grab the remote of the floor.
"Gladly ma'" Sammy says as he gets up. I feel a hand slap my ass and I gasp. I look up to see Sammy running up the stairs.
"I missed that sweet ass of yours ma'" Sammy winks before he goes up into out bedroom to change.

Boy did I miss him.

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