Nate Part 2

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Nate has been gone for six months already and I'm slowly getting there. Nate has called me every chance he's gotten and we've facetimed and skyped but it's just not enough. I want to see him again.

Nates POV ( boom ;) )
I've been in Afghanistan for a total of six months and it's complete hell. I miss my babygirl. I call her every chance I get and its not enough. Whenever I call her she seems so happy but I know she's not. She's breaking inside and it's all because of me. Sometimes when I call her she picks up with a smile on her face but there are tear stains on her cheeks. Right now we were on break so I decided to Skype Y/N. I walk to my bunk and grab my laptop and click on Y/N's name. It starts to ring for a couple seconds and then her beautiful face popped up on the screen. But something's off.

"Hey babygirl how are you doing?" I ask her smiling.

"Um to be honest babe I -I'm not doing t-to good" Y/N says as tears are slowly running down her cheeks.

"Babygirl what's wrong? Are you okay?!" I ask her suddenly becoming very worried.

"I-i can't d-do this. I miss you so much Nate. I-it hurts so m-much. I miss you. P-please come home. P-please" Y/N said. By the end she said she was sobbing.

"B-babe I-i miss you to. I-i know this is hard but I'll be home soon baby girl I-I promise." I said, my voice cracking at the end. I hated the fact that I had to be away from my baby and not be able to hold her in my arms. She needs me and I'm not there. I promised her that I'd always be there. And now I'm not. After talking to Y/N for a couple of more minutes I had to report back to duty. But I couldn't get Y/N out of my head. I need to see her again. I need to hold her again. I just need her.


After a very emotional Skype call with Nate I decided to go to bed. I cried way to much to the point where I don't think I can cry anymore. And I was the same for the next three days. Wake up. Skype or talk to Nate. Cry till I fall asleep and repeat the next day. One day I woke up and called Nate but he didn't pick up. I kept calling and calling him but he never picked up. After about calling him 30 times I gave up. Fearing the worst I started to scream and cry. Screaming because I was scared that something had happened and crying because I never got to hold him again. After I lost my voice I continue to cry and I sat on the couch. My sob session was interrupted by a knock on the door. ( IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOO PANIC! AT THE DISCO ). I wipe my face with my hands and walk to the door. I open the door not bothering to look at who was standing there because I assumed it was Madison. I look up waiting for Madison to walk in but it wasn't Madison. I start to scream and cry as I jump into Nate's arm burying my head into his toned chest. I feel wet tears dripping on my head as I look up at Nate who's also crying. I press my lips to his and kiss him hard and passionately. Once I pull away Nate looks at me and wipes my tears away that are still flowing down my face.

"I'm never leaving you again babygirl. I promise" Nate whispers.

"Good" I whisper. He's finally back in my arms. My other half is finally back

Welp. There's part two

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