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(The guy in the picture looks NOTHING like Sammy but oh whale🐳)
Sammy's been gone for 3 hours and I'm starting to get worried. He was on his way to Walmart to pick up some things and he still isn't home. Right now I'm pacing me and Sam's room looking at my phone. I immediately pick it up not even bothering to look at the caller ID. "Sam?!" I question.
"Hey y/n it's u-um it's Nate" Nate says his voice shaky.
"Hey what's wrong?" I ask him concerned.
"I-i I need you to come down to the emergency room y/n. It's Sammy he was in a bad accident" Nate says his voice cracking at the end. At those words I drop my phone and race to the car, tears starting to pool in my eyes.
I run into the emergency room and see Nate sitting in a chair with his head in his hands.
"Nate!" I say. His head snaps up and he runs over to me. I hug him and he starts to sob into my shoulder.
"It's all my fault. It's my fault I'm the reason he's in here. God that should be me" Nate sobs into my shoulder. I ended up breaking down to. Now we're both crying into each other's arms. Nate has always been there for me. He's like my big brother. After we calm ourselves down, Nate starts to explain what happened. By the end of the story he's in tears again. After we've both calmed down, we sit and wait. And boy did we wait for a while. The whole time all I can think about is all the memories I've shared with Sammy, and all the ones we'll create in the future.
"Umm Wilkinson" the doctor says coming out through the doors. Me and Nate jump up and run to the doctor bombarding him with questions.
"Slow down" the doctor says with a chuckle. "You can go in and see him, he's in room 17 on the third floor" he says walking off. Me and Nate quickly thank him and run to the elevator.
Once we arrive on the third floor we frantically search for Sam's room.
"It's right here" Nate says quietly.
"You go in first" Nate says flashing me a slight smile. I take in a shaky breath and step into the room. My heart breaks at the sight of Sam laying in the bed, wired hooked up to him which are hooked up to monitors. I go and grab Nate and bring him into the room. When Nate sees Sam he starts to cry into my shoulder. I manage to control my tears and calm Nate down. Nate decided to go get coffee while I wait for Sam to wake up. When Nate closes the door Sam starts to stir.
"Mmh shit" Sam hisses in pain as he attempts to sit up in bed. I rush over to him.
"Sam oh my god baby" I cry into him kisses his face all over.
"It's okay princess I'm right here" he says wiping my tears.
"I'm tired" Sam groans, as he turns. I chuckle in response.
"Go to sleep baby boy" I say as I kiss his forehead.
I but I want you to cuddle with me" he whines.
"Fine" I say as I take my jacket off and crawl into the hospital bed next to Sam. "I love you" I whisper as Sam falls asleep.

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