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Me and Jack are currently laying in bed, bored as hell.
"I'm so boreddddd" Jack says groaning into his pillow.
"So am I" I say agreeing with Jack. Jacks head snaps up with a small smile forming on his lips.
"Netflix and takeout?" Jack says smirking.
"Oh my gosh of course!!" I say reaching over to grab my phone off the nightstand. After I order the take out, me and Jack grab blankets and pillows and head downstairs. As me and Jack are setting up our blankets, the doorbell rings.
"I'll get it babe" Jack says as he walks towards the door. After Jack grabs the food and we finish eating, we turn on Netflix.
"What do you wanna watch babe?" Jack asks as we scroll through the movies.
"Hmmm how about we do a Law and Order marathon" I ask Jack.
"Sure" Jack says as he clicks on season one of Law and Order.
"Come here babe" Jack says as I plop down onto the floor. Jack decides to lay his head on my chest while I play with his hair.
"Baby can I tell you something?" Jack asks as he turns to face me.
"Sure anything babe" I say staring into Jacks eye.
"SURPRISE!" Jack screams as he virus his face in my chest making me squeal from laughter and surprise
"JACK STOP" I manage to get out through my giggles.
"Say you love me and I'll stop" Jack says as he continues to tickle me.
"FINE I LOVE YOU JACK NOW PLEASE STOP" I scream with tears forming in my eyes from laughing so hard.
"And I love you to baby" Jack says as he finally stops tickling me and give me a sweet kiss n the lips. God, I'm in love with an idiot. But he's my idiot so we're all good.

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