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It's Monday. The worst day of the week. Unfortunately, I have to go to school so I can be put down by the schools sluts and bitches. Then when I get home I have to deal with my drunk and abusive father. Yay!* note the sarcasm*.
As I walk into the hell hole I feel a hand smack my butt. As I turn around its none other than the schools pervert, Chase.
"Fuck off will ya?" I snap at him. As I started to walk to class I get pinned to the lockers. I gasp in shock and fear. I look up to see Chase yet again. But something's different about him. His eyes are darker. The bell rings and all the kids scurry to class. Now I'm really screwed.
"What do you want Chase?!" I ask through gritted teeth.
"I want you" he says. All of a sudden I feel hands start to roam my body as I grow very uncomfortable. He so hives his lips into mine starting to make out with me. I try to push him off but he's to strong. Tears spring to my eyes as I realize I'm helpless. I try kicking and everything but nothing's working. By now I'm full on crying. Chase pulls away and starts to feel my chest. He slips off my shirt. I try to stop him but he slams me against the lockers again and continues. As he reaches for the zipper to my jeans, he's pushed onto the ground. I sink to my knees and sob,trying to process what just happened. The kid who shoved Chase off of me sits next to me.
"Hey are you okay?" He gently asks. I look up to see a very hot boy around my age.
"Oh u-um y-yeah I-I'm okay t-thanks" I stutter out. He nods as he stands up to help me up.
"I'm Nate by the way" Nate says flashing me a gorgeous smile. A smile that would help me. A smile that would brighten my day.
A smile that made me fall in love.
A smile that I would wake up to for the rest of my life.
That smile belonged to my soul mate. Nate Maloley.

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