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"Babe. Um it's time" Nate, my boyfriend of two years, said softly in my ear. We both slowly got up and got in the shower. Me and Nate just stood there and admired each other. After about twenty minutes in the sheer me and Nate both get out and change. I change into a pair of sweat pants and one of Nates hoodies. Nate changes into his uniform. I look at him as he grabs his duffle bag and drags it downstairs. I slowly follow him down the stairs to our car. I make my way to the passenger seat in the car as I wait for Nate to finding packing his stuff. Nate slides into the drivers side while I sit and stare at my lap, tears slowly flowing down. I feel Nates hands grab my chin so I'm looking at him.

"Please don't cry. This is going to be hard on the both of us." Nate says with tears in his eyes (A/N I'm crying because this is so sad and it's literally goals) I nod slowly as Nate pecks me on my lips and starts to drive towards the airport. Nate hands rests on my thigh as we drive silently to the airport. I lace my hands with his trying to grasp the fact that this will be the last time it'll happen in a year. My tears start flow faster as we pull into the airport. I look over at Nate when we pull into the parking lot. He has tears streaming down his face also. He give me a sad smile as he turns the car if and goes to the trunk to grab his bag. I slowly get out of the car and grab Nates hand as we walk through the airport to his gate. Nate sets his bag down and motions me to sit in his lap. I slowly lean over so I'm straddling his waist and I lay my head on his chest listening to his heart beat. I close my eyes as tears continue to flow down my cheeks. I feel Nate slowly lift my fave so I'm looking directly in his eyes. There tears streaming down his cheeks also. He leans in and gives me a long passionate kiss on the lips. Once he pulls away he presses my forehead against his. I bite my lips trying to control my tears but it's no use. I console tell break down in Nates arms.

"Don't leave me please. Please don't do this. You can't leave me. Don't do this to me. Don't leave me. This is a dream your not leaving me. Your not leaving me. Ding do this please. Please " I choke out through my sobs. Nate grabs onto the sides of my face so in looking him in the eyes once again. Nate has more tears flowing down his face the. Before and I can tell by the way he's breathing he's trying to hold it together for me.

"Just stay with me please. Just stay" I choke out through my cries as I look at Nate. He flashes me a sad smile but shakes his head.

"Babe you know I can't do that. In need to go out there and make sure this world is safe for my baby girl okay? I promised to keep you safe didn't I ? And I'm going to keep that promise okay babygirl ? I need to do this so I can keep you safe. " Nate whispers as he looks me directly in the eye. We just sit here, our foreheads pressed against each other's waiting for that dreaded moment.

Flight 6784 to Afghanistan now boarding. Flight 6785 to Afghanistan now boarding.

I start to cry harder as Nate gets up and grabs his bag. He throws it over his shoulder and leans down and gives me the most passionate kiss he's ever given me before. He pulls away and takes off one of his dog tags and presses it in my hand. He gives me one more kiss before he pulls away and whispers as I love you and he walks through the gate. I look at the dog tag and on the back was a picture of Nate and I kissing. I sink to the floor and start to sob. I feel a small hand in my shoulder and I turn around to see my best friend, Madison, with tears also in her eyes. Her boyfriend, Jack G, also left for Afghanistan today. I slowly stand up and pull her into a hug as we both son in each other's shoulders.

"Please come over I don't want to be alone right now" I whisper. Madison just nods her head as we both walk towards our cars, heads hung low and tears streaming down our faces. I get in my car and drive home silently. Once I walk inside I break down sobbing by the wall. I missed Nate so much and he hasn't even been gone for an hour. I feel so empty without him. I hurts so much to know that he might not come back to me. After about crying for a solid hour I go clean my self up and sit down on the couch waiting for Madison to come over. Within a couple minutes Madison is over with me on the couch as we both sob into our boyfriends sweatshirts. This is going to be the longest year.

I'm going to legit kill myself for writhing this.

There's a part two ;))

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