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@letzcuddlex requested this imagine !! Hope you like it :D !!

"JADE ? BABE ? IM HOME !" My boyfriend, Jack Johnson, yells from downstairs. All I can do is groan in response. It was that time of month and my cramps were killing me. I hear Jacks footsteps coming up the steps.

"Babe what's wrong ? Is it that time of month ?" Jack asks. His face turns to the side like an adorable puppy. I sigh and nod my head.

"I'm sorry babe I'll be right back" Jack says before he runs downstairs. Jack soon returns with a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream ( legit heaven ) and two spoons. We both smile as I grab the remote and turn on Netflix. Jack slides in bed next to me as I click on "The Notebook". This was a tradition whenever I had my period. Jack lays next to me and rubs random shapes on my stomach. My cramps slowly start to fade and next thing I know I'm sleeping.

I wake up and Jacks not next to me ...?  About right on cue Jack walks through the door with a CVS bag.

"Good afternoon babe. Have a nice nap" Jack asks softly as he presses his lips to my forehead. I hum in at the feeling of his lips and smile. Jack hands me the bag and when I open it I find Midol ( cramp medicine ), some chocolate, a variety of candy, and some more Ben and Jerrys ice cream. I smile and wrap my arms around Jacks neck as I mumble a faint "thank you" in his shoulder. He chuckles as I fall back onto the bed clicking on Netflix yet again. Jack slips off his sweatshirt and I snatch it out of his hands and throw it on over my Nike sports bra. Jack laughs at my previous actions and wraps his arm around my shoulders as we cuddle. Jack snatches the remote of my hand chuckling devilishly ( if that makes any sense lolol ). I shrug and laugh as he clicks on Law and Order: SVU. We both smile and look at each other as we press on episode one. I feel Jacks gaze on mine as I watch the TV intently. Right when I look up Jacks lips connect to mine. When we pull away Jack whispers "I love you so much Jade".

"I love you more Jack " I whisper as I connect our lips again.


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