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Your POV
I need to leave. I can't stay here anymore. I'm sitting here in the corner of my room, wrapped in a blanket. Naked and shaking. I was just raped. I was just raped by my so called "loving" boyfriend, Jake. If he was capable of raping me,he's capable of doing anything, and that scares me. It hurt so much. I told him I wasn't ready but he wouldn't take no for an answer. .
"WHERE ARE YOU SLUT" Jake slurs coming up the stairs. He's been drinking. I start to cry because I've seen him drunk before and it's not pretty. He's capable of doing anything. I quickly grab my phone and dial 9-1-1.
"This is 9-1-1 what is your emergency?" the operator asks. Just when I'm about to answer Jake comes storming in slapping the phone out of my hand.
"You ready babe" Jake slurs kissing my neck as he pushes me on the bed.
"HELP!!" I scream into the phone, my voice cracking in fear as he starts to unbutton his pants.
"Ma'am,what is your address?" The operator screams into the phone.
"1234 RANDOM ROAD" I scream as he starts to smack me with his belt.
"STOP SCREAMING YOU SLUT" Jake yells at me. All of a sudden I feel his palm connect to my cheek. I fall into the floor from the impact.
"HURRY PLEASE" I scream as Jake lifts me off the floor, throwing me into the bed. He pins me down and starts to kiss my neck but I keep squirming.
"STOP MOVING YOU BITCH!" Jake yells as he slaps me across the face again. I scream out in pain. All of a sudden, a police officer walks in and handcuffs Jake. I grab the bed sheet and wrap myself in it. I start to shake and cry. A paramedic walks towards me.
"Hey" he says calmly.
"I'm Nate" the paramedic says extending his hands towards me. I flinch expecting him to slap me. Nothing happens.
"I'm not going to hurt you" Nate says as he lifts my chin to look up at him. Once again, he extends his hand towards me as he attempts to help me stand up. I grab onto his hands and stand up, immediately falling down. I cry out in pain Nate lifts me into his arms as I cry.
"Shhh he can't hurt you anymore. I'm here to protect you" Nate whispers in my ear as he carries me to the ambulance. That is the day I met the love of my life. That's the day I met my hero.

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