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BRINGGGGGG goes the bell indicating it is now lunch time. Instead of going to lunch I decide to go to the library to check out some books because you know I'm one of those kids who's invisible and is constantly reading a book. Yep, thats me. As i walk into the library I grab my phone out of my pocket plug in my headphones, and turn on Pandora. I walk over to the young adult section of the library humming Ed Sheeran. Once I reach the books I sit down and search google to find a good book to grab. I stumble across a book called "The Perks of Being Wallflower" by Stephen Chobowski. I walk over to the "C" section to start searching. I see the book on the top shelf. Great, I can't reach it. I start piling all of my other books on top of each other trying to gain a couple of inches so can grab the book. No use. I get on my tiptoes still trying to grab the book. Apparently my music was a little to loud and I was to caught up in trying to grab the book to realize a handsome, tall boy was standing next to me. I continue to reach for the book until the tall handsome boy simply extends his hand and grabs the book.

"Thank you..." I whisper as I take out my headphones. Then I realize the tall handsome stranger is wearing a letterman jacket.Oh so he's a jock.

"No problem baby" the handsome jock replies.

"Haha don't call me that, and can you please give me the book?"I reply.

"Ohhh so she's got a temper" The jock snickers.

"Just give me the book" I groan in frustration. I start to jump trying to reach for the book, but he's too tall. I keep jumping but my jumping is interrupted when I feel a pair of lips smash into mine. I gasp in shock, but then i find myself kissing back as I feel fireworks go off in the pit of my stomach. As I pull away, I look into the jock's eyes and smile. The jock smiles in return.

"Jack. Jack Gilinsky" Jack smiles.

"Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N" I reply also smiling.

"Here's your book... baby" Jack laughs as he hands me the book and walks off. I smile and open the book. As I open the book, a slip of paper slips out.

Hey, my number is : 123-456-7890. Be ready at 7 o'clock I'm taking you to the movies. Perhaps "The Perks of being a Wallflower"? .... Oh and p.s text me your address so I can pick you up beautiful ;) ~ Jack


To be completely honest... THIS IS GOALS ASF AM I RIGHT?! And this is also my favorite book ;)

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