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"Babe oh my gosh are you okay?! Why are you crying?! Do I need to kick some ass?! What's wrong Y/N?!" My best friend, Jack, said as he barged through my room pulling me into a hug. All I could do was cry in his chest. I just walked in on my boyfriend making out with the biggest slut of the school. I thought he loved me but I guess not.

"Shh babe. It's okay. Shh baby. He doesn't deserve you. You deserve better then him baby. Shhhh"  Jack whispers as he places kisses on the top of my head.    

"I loved him Jack. He cheated on me. I can't believe I was so stupid I just ugh. I loved hi-" I'm interrupted by a pair of lips crashing into mine. I'm taken back but find myself kissing Jack back. After a couple of seconds the kiss becomes heated and Jack lifts me up so I'm straddling his lap. We begin making out as I run my hands through his hair. He moans and I remove my hands so they're under his shirt.
"God I love you so much" Jack mumbles into the intense make out session.
"I love you so much Jack" I mumble against his lips. After a couple of more minutes we detach our lips to regain our breathing.
"Y/N I love you so much. I know you just got out of a relationship but will you be my girlfriend?" Jack stutters. I press my lips against his. I pull away.
"Does that answer your question?" I chuckle lightly. 
"Mmm yes it does baby" Jack replies.

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