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Special imagine for my best friend and partner in crime xmagconxforeverx love you Danielle😚💓
Today my best friend,Matt, decided that we should go out to eat for dinner at some fancy restaurant. Of course I accepted because I mean who would pass up food? I decided to put on a skin tight black dress and my black stilettos. I put on a little bit of red lipstick and spray on some perfume. Just as I finished my lipstick, Matt pulled up in my driveway. When I walk outside I see Matt resting against his car with a tux on. Damn he's hot is all I can think. Me and Matt have been friends for ages but I've always had a crush on him.
"Well hello there sexy mama" Matt whistles as he looks at me through the top of his sunglasses.
"Thanks handsome" I say blushing a little. Once we and Matt get into the car we drive for what seems like a zillion hours with the music playing faintly in the background.
"We're here gorgeous" Matt says as he opens the door for me. Well isn't he being extra flirty today. After were seated and we start to eat, Matt grabs my hand from across the table and looks at me in the eyes. It feels like a bomb goes off in the pit of my stomach.
"Danielle, we've been best friends for as long as I can remember. Baby, I love you. Will you go out with me?" Matt asks as he cheeks turn a bright shaders pink.
"Matt I-I I would love to" I say also blushing.
"Oh ok.. Wait what?!" Matt asks surprised.
"I said I would love to Matt" i reply giggling.
"Oh my gosh yes! SHE SAID YES" Matt screams as he drags my hand through the restaurant. I laugh as Matt drags me to the car. The whole car ride back Matt held my hand, and he never let go. Once we arrived at my house Matt gave me a gentle kiss on the lips and wished me a good night. Once I got settled down into bed I got a text message from Matt( message above👆🏼). Ugh he's to cute and now he's all mine.

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