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"Maile babe. I need you to wake up. It's today come on we need to get ready" my fiancè, Jack Johnson whispers in my ear. Today was the day Jack and I's wedding and I couldn't be more excited ! I rolled over to look at Jack in the eye and give him a quick good morning kiss. He hums when I press my lips against his and I can't help but giggle into the kiss. Once I pull away I throw on one of Jacks old t shirts and walk downstairs to start making breakfast. Halfway through making breakfast, Jack comes down dressed and ready to go to Gilinskys house, where he would stay and get ready for tomorrow. Once we finish eating breakfast I put our dishes in the sink and run upstairs to change.

"BABE COME DOWN IM GETTING READY TO LEAVE G'S HERE" I hear Jack yell from downstairs. I quickly run downstairs and jump on him. He catches me and laughs as I smile and burry myself in his shoulder. I laugh and give him a long and passionate kiss on the lips before he leaves. Once he's gone I sit on the couch and watch Scream Queens as I wait for Maggie and Emily to come over. Madison said she'd be a tad late which was fine. I slowly rest my head on the couch when my phone goes off.

Hey baby I miss you already. I can't wait till I see you walk down the aisle in your beautiful white dress. I can't wait till I can finally call you miss Johnson. I can't wait. I'm nervous but I know it's all gonna be worth it in the end. I love you to the moon and back times a thousand and a million and never forget that baby. I'll see you tomorrow Mrs.Johnson 💍

Hey guys so yeah sorry this tool forever and it's crappy but I tried. AND I PUBLISHED A THOUGHTS BOOK GO READ IT ILL POST IN IT LATER TODAY !!!1!1! I LOVE YOU GUYS @s0ccerg1rl13

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