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( the feels for Derek have been through the roof lately so Imma start writing Derek imagines too )

"WE'RE THROUGH I HATE YOU SO MUCH YOU BITCH" I hear my boyfriend, Derek. Well my ex boyfriend now. My heart shatters into a million pieces as I throw a pillow at him before barging out of his friends house, driving to the apartment I share with Derek. The apartment that I SHARED with Derek.

Me and Derek have been going through a rough patch in our relationship lately because of his music and drama his fans are starting. He told me he was in the studio today so I decided to go to his friends house, who also happens to be my cousin, Nate. Derek and Nate were smoking and there were girls on top of Derek and he just sat there.

Derek assumed that I was at Nate house cause I was cheating on him so he yelled.

I yelled back because of the girls on top of him. So here we are, breaking up.

I walk into our once shared apartment and throw my keys across the room before screaming and pulling my hair.

I sink down the wall crying and breathing heavily.

Shit I'm having a panic attack

I try to calm myself down as my breaths get heavier and harder to take. I start to scream again and pull my hair as I get up and walk to what was once mine and Derek's room. I go through all of Dereks drawers, throwing his clothes over the bed kicking everything every where. I start throwing picture frames and shoes around the room. I clear out the closet throwing everything all around the room. I walk to the center of the room and sink down to the floor on my knees, sobbing. I pick up one of Dereks shirts, and start holding it and screaming. I get up and go to sit on the edge of bed, holding my head in my hands. I run my hands through my hair and pull at the roots gasping for breath. Once I calm down I walk downstairs to see Derek on the couch crying.

"Baby-" I cut him off by jumping in his arms.

"I'm sorry" he whispers.

"Just hold me" I whisper.

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