(23) Secrets, Lies and Love

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"And what is that?" 

"For over the summer, there is a role in a movie that I am going to act in. It isn't the main part so it will not take up all of my time. Then, in the fall, I am going to go with you to Carthage. After we graduate, if I feel like acting again, I will. Until then, I am going to major in pre-law so I can do good for people who can't provide for themselves." 

I looked over at him, my eyes shining, "I think that is a great plan."

The next day, Wednesday, Chris and I finally took our shopping trip in place of going to school. We hung around the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, just going into every store and looking at their merchandise. At one store I had to try on new jeans and shirts, so Chris waited for me in the store. 

When we made our way through the stores, we gallivanted to the food court. I got a sub while Chris got some Chinese food. We got through our meal, sharing bites with the other, and occasionally playing footsie underneath the table. 

After the meal, Chris took our trays to dump them and I waited at the table for him. When he sat down again, he pulled a long jewelers box from his pocket. I just sat there, mentally calculating when he would have had the time to get me anything. I could only come to the conclusion that it had been when I was trying on my clothes. 

"I know that you have a necklace from your birthday, so I got you this," he said as he opened the box. 

Inside sat a silver bracelet. It wasn't overly large; in fact, it was the perfect size for me. It looked like three thin chains had been braided together to make one chain. That was it. No giant decoration and no over-expensive diamonds; just a simple bracelet. And it couldn't have been more perfect. 

"Chris," I whispered, "this is perfect. I really shouldn't accept it. But, I have the feeling that you won't let me not take this." 

"You are correct." He took it out and I held out my left arm for him to put it on me. "I remember you telling me that you liked simple. You also mentioned that you don't like gold. So when I saw this, I thought it was perfect for you." 

"You thought right. Thank you." I leaned over the table to give him a quick peck. 

"You're welcome." 

My phone rang a couple minutes later so I disconnected my hand from his. 

"What's up Mom?" 

"Your grandmother decided to take a flight three hours earlier than we expected her to. Drew is still at school and your father and I have a meeting in ten minutes. Can you go and pick her up? Her flight arrives in less than two hours." 

"I'm sure that will be okay. I will just ask Chris to make sure he doesn't have anything else planned." 

"Alright sweetie. Just let me know either way." 

"Okay, bye." 

I hung up the phone and looked at Chris. 

"What's wrong Andy?" he asked, looking concerned. 

"Nothing much," I reassured him. "My grandma decided to take an earlier flight and my mom needs us to pick her up." 

"Alright, let's go," he said, standing up. 

When Grandma Ann retired, she decided to move to Flagstaff, Arizona. She absolutely loved it there and being there really had helped her to come alive again of Grandpa Charles died. She had color back in her cheeks and she seemed younger than she had been in years. 

We got into the car and I drove out to the freeway. I hadn't really ever driven above the speed limit. Today, however, I needed to push it a little bit. Not enough to get pulled over, but enough that we would have enough time to get through any traffic that we might have hit. 

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