last minute diy gifts

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how to:
last minute diy gifts

⋆ phone case
buy plain or clear phone cases, then apply studs or gems using acrylic caulk. wait for them to dry at least a day or two.

⋆ photo frame
place a photo of you and the gift recipient in a plain picture frame. then decorate/paint the frame with quotes, designs, or even sequins.

⋆ recipe in a bottle
fill a bottle with the dry ingredients used to make the recipe. then, with ribbon, attach a label that includes the other ingredients needed and how to prepare the dish.

⋆ mini chalkboard
paint a piece of thick cardboard with chalkboard paint. then wait 3 days before using it. in the meanwhile, find a frame that will hold the chalkboard.

⋆ diy card
if you really don't have time/money for anything else, a thoughtful card can be just as meaningful as a planned gift.

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