mothers day gift ideas

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Her favorite kind of flower and a card

Go to a wash company like lush or b&bw & buy scented candles & lotion and stuff like that

Take her to the movies & a restaurant

Cook her favorite meal

Sing her a song

Write her a poem

Heart Chocs / stuffed bear

A pair of earrings or a necklace

A family album / scrapbook

A CD full of her favorite songs

Fluffy slippers or socks

Make up / beauty items eg. Mascara , nail polish etc.

Bake her a batch of cookies or cake

Buy her something she's been wanting for a while now


Lotion/bath salts

Electronic acessories ( cases)


An inspirational poster about her ( u could right I love you in different languages

Gift basket full of everything she likes ex movie tickets , gift card to her favorite store , popcorn , candy or anything she'll like

Bookmark with pictures of you two

Starbucks coffee

Personalized coffee mug

10 reasons why I love you jar

Personalized phone case




______________________________________________________remember its the thought that counts and she'll be grate for what ever you do you don't have to go spending large as long as its from the heart

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