50 things to do at a sleepover

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50 things to do at a sleepover:

O1. Bake a cake
O2. Make crepes or pancakes
O3. Have a cooking competition
O4. Make a ton of healthy foods
O5. Eat Nutella and cookies
O6. Play the baby food challenge
O7. Play the smoothie challenge
O8. Invent a food-related game and play it
O9. Do each other's makeup with food
1O. Eat ice cream out of the tub

11. Watch a movie
12. Have a t.v. show marathon
13. Watch YouTube videos
14. Watch reality t.v.
15. Watch horror movies

16. Play twister
17. Play card games
18. Play monopoly with no rules/rules of your own
19. Tell each other horror stories
20. Have a bad joke contest
21. Play dress up
22. Play truth or dare
23. Play two truths and a lie
24. Play light as a feather, stiff as a board
25. Do YouTube challenges

26. Call a takeaway number and act as if they're ordering from you.
27. Call Pizza Hut and ask for domino's pizza
28. Write a whole load of scenarios down and out them in a bowl and then write down numbers up to 50 and put them in a bowl. Take turns fishing from each bowl. Call the contact who corresponds to the number on the second paper and tell them what's written on the other paper.
29. Call a school buddy and ask about a huge essay. Listen to them freak out when you make them believe they haven't done it.
30. Call a random number and pretend to know them.

31. Run a bath and dip your feet in.
32. Make DIY face masks
33. Do a full body moisturize
34. Give each other makeovers
35. Do manis and pedis
36. Do the worst makeup possible
37. Try to make each other look like drag queens
38. Try to make DIY makeup
39. Watch YouTube beauty gurus
40. Do the blindfold makeup challenge

41. Read terrible fanfic aloud
42. Have a rave
43. Have a dance party
44. Do a youtube challenge
45. Talk about books
46. Fangirl
47. Discuss books and music
48. Compare celebrity crushes
49. Plan each other's futures
50. Have fun!

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